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January 08, 2013
Captain's log: real space chat for Star Trek crew
Ottawa (AFP) Jan 7, 2013
Fact and fiction blurred this week when a real-life astronaut boldly went where no man has gone before and conversed from orbit via Twitter with the crew of television's "Star Trek: Enterprise." It started with a message from actor William Shatner, who starred as Captain Kirk in the cult sci-fi series, asking the commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield: "Are you tweeting from space?" Hadfield replied, borrowing a line from the show: "Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we're d ... read more
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Space Trash May Make Radiation Shields
Researchers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida are evaluating small tiles made of space trash to find out whether they can be stored aboard spacecraft safely or even used for radiation shield ... more

Hubble Eyes a Wanderer Dancing the Dance of Stars and Space
The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope provides us this week with a spectacular image of the bright star-forming ring that surrounds the heart of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097. In this image, ... more

The Galaxy Puzzle in the Constellation of Centaurus
The Universe loves to fool our eyes, giving the impression that celestial objects are located at the same distance from Earth. A good example can be seen in this spectacular image produced by the NA ... more
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The syzygy season of 2012
The end of the world - mis-predicted from the Mayan calendar for December 2012 - failed to live up to expectations, but the year was still a memorable one for celestial alignments. In this one ... more


India scales down experimental flying payloads for exploring Mars
India has scaled down its flying experimental payloads for exploring the Mars by reducing the payload from 25 kg to 15 kg, local media reported on Sunday. The Mars Orbiter Mission, expected to ... more
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2013 FIRST Robotics Kick-Off Event
The 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition kicks off on Jan. 5, 2013. The kickoff event will be broadcast on NASA TV and marks the beginning of the season for high school students from across the nation to ... more

For Sale: NASA Space Shuttle Stuff
Now that the US space shuttle program is defunct, NASA is leasing and selling some of its facilities and equipment at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to private companies and entrepreneurs. ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Pentagon needs to adapt to recruit top talent: Carter

Raytheon modernizing South Korean Patriot system

KAI preferred bidder for new Korean Air Force jet

Deadline abandoned in marathon Iran nuclear talks

Bikes, bowties and schnitzel: the main players at Iran talks

S. Korea creates cyber-security post to counter North's threat

Falcon 9 Evolves


Ball Aerospace Realigns Civil and Operational Space Business Units
Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. has announced three leadership appointments and an organizational structure change that will position operating sectors for improved customer efficiency. ... more

ALMA Sheds Light on Planet-Forming Gas Streams
Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope have seen a key stage in the birth of giant planets for the first time. Vast streams of gas are flowing across a g ... more

Vesta's Dark Materials in Dawn's View
A new study of images from NASA's Dawn mission examines remarkable, dark-as-coal material that speckles the surface of the giant asteroid Vesta. Scientists are using the images, taken by Dawn's fram ... more
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Training Space Professionals Since 1970

Arianespace to launch VNREDSat-1A built by Astrium for Vietnam
Arianespace to launch VNREDSat-1A built by Astrium for Vietnam Arianespace and Astrium hassigned the launch contract for the VNREDSat-1A Earth observation satellite, on behalf of the Vietnamese Acad ... more

Astrophysicists find wide binary stars wreak havoc in planetary systems
An international team of astrophysicists has shown that planetary systems with very distant binary stars are particularly susceptible to violent disruptions, more so than if they had stellar compani ... more
24/7 News Coverage
Good luck and the Chinese reverse global forest loss

Drought damage leads to widespread forest death

200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perils

Discovery of 2 new species of primitive fishes

Mild winters not fueling all pine beetle outbreaks in western US

Daily dam releases on Deerfield River reduce downstream flows

Better method for forecasting hurricane season


Study Will Explore How Solar Storms Affect Earth's Atmosphere
We all rely on local weather forecasts to plan our travels and outdoor activities, or even to decide whether to water the lawn. But researchers like Prof. Paul Song in the Department of Physics and ... more

Celestial flybys set to thrill
Astronomers are gearing for thrills this year when Earth gets buzzed by two rogue asteroids and two comets, including a wanderer last seen by the forerunners of mankind, blaze across the sky. ... more

DARPA selects SwRI's K-band space crosslink radio for flight development as part of System F6 Program
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently selected Southwest Research Institute to provide the flight low-rate crosslink wireless communications platform for the System F6 ... more
Mission would drag asteroid to the moon

Russia designs manned lunar spacecraft

GRAIL Lunar Impact Site Named for Astronaut Sally Ride

'Black Beauty' could yield Martian secrets

Ancient Water-rich Meteorite Linked to Martian Crust

Opportunity Scores Another Dust Cleaning Event At Vermillion

Captain's log: real space chat for Star Trek crew

2012 in Polish space activities

Congress Approves Bill Supporting Human Space Exploration

Mr Xi in Space

China plans manned space launch in 2013: state media

China to launch manned spacecraft


LS3 Four-Legged Robot Plays Follow the Leader
For the past two weeks, in the woods of central Virginia around Fort Pickett, the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) four-legged robot has been showing off its capabilities during field testing. ... more

Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Payload Market to Reach $68.6 billion by 2022
The two month postponement of the "fiscal cliff's" automatic spending cuts, including cuts to America's defense budget originally proposed by last year's sequestration deal, may be welcome news for ... more

Military Space Communications Lacks Direction
The Defense Department is at a standstill when it comes to figuring out what it will require to maintain its future military space communications architecture, both industry and government officials ... more

DoD Guidance on Spectrum Use for Hosted Payloads Needs New Approach
The recent "guidance" from the Pentagon's Chief Information Officer on hosting military payloads on commercial satellites has caused much confusion among satellite operators. The three-page document ... more
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    The laws of global warming


    A World of Troubles: 2013


    What a UAV Can Do With Depth Perception


    "Sky Rider" to be integrated within the Digital Army Program


    Deployable Radio Frequency Data Backbone To Match Fiber Optic Capacity


    Can You Program a Radio to Dominate the Spectrum?


    Piranha kin wielded dental weaponry even T. rex would have admired


    Power spintronics: Producing AC voltages by manipulating magnetic fields


    China 'biggest' nuclear plant construction resumes


    The relationship between CO2 concentrations and sea level

    Japan's population logs record drop

    NASA Investigates Use of 'Trailblazing' Material for New Sensors

    US study says El Nino, climate change link fuzzy

    As globe warms, Alaska is cooling down

    Cave dwelling nettle discovered in China

    Ancient Water-rich Meteorite Linked to Martian Crust

    NASA Kepler hints at over 250 new potentially habitable worlds

    Crew Wraps Up Robonaut Testing

    Iran develops new missile launcher

    New location system could compete with GPS

    Galactic geysers fuelled by star stuff

    BAE pulls out of Australian comms tender

    Mission would drag asteroid to the moon

    Curiosity Rover Explores Yellowknife Bay

    Opportunity Scores Another Dust Cleaning Event At Vermillion

    Crew Prepares for Student Robotics Competition

    'Black Beauty' could yield Martian secrets

    Russia develops new rocket fuel

    US drones kill 12 Taliban in Pakistan: officials

    Richardson, Google chief arrive in North Korea

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