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About, a premier destination for space industry news, is the primary website of the Space Media Network, a trusted global provider of accurate and timely information since 1995. Simon Mansfield founded it in Tokyo, and its offices are now located in the Australian state of New South Wales. Operating strictly under Australian law, Mansfield, an Australian citizen, holds the role of Publisher and Editor in Chief. A sales office is operated under license in California, USA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to arm professionals from industry, science, and education with the latest trends and developments in space exploration and technology. Our objective is to deliver a factual and enlightening news service via visually appealing, user-friendly, and engaging digital platforms. This focus on business and technology permeates all our sites, leading to their high esteem and frequent visitation by peers.

Our Audience serves a diverse audience comprised of space industry professionals, researchers, analysts, and students with a profound interest in space exploration and sophisticated technology. Since our establishment in 1995, we've built a substantial international readership, reaching beyond space industry professionals to a broad spectrum of experts and enthusiasts across various sectors. Our dedication to providing reliable, relevant, and current content has allowed us to continuously grow our reader base, fostering a community as engaged and diverse as the universe we report on.

Our Content & Services

Our content encompasses news articles, in-depth analyses, and enlightening features. We receive formal news services from multiple international agencies, including AFP, UPI, PR Newswire, and Business Wire, operating via both automated and manual procedures. Furthermore, we maintain a global network of industry, education, and government agencies contributing regular news items for potential inclusion in our daily news dispatch. Our skilled editorial team scrupulously selects all articles, guaranteeing their value to our professional readership. We provide clear attribution in our content, giving due credit to all contributors.

Our newsletters, distributed through the MailChimp email service, are freely available upon subscription, keeping our audience updated on the latest news and trends.

Our Team

Our team, headed by Simon Mansfield and Bradley L. Bartz, is a group of experienced journalists, technology experts, business development professionals, and renewable energy specialists. The synergy between our editorial and technology teams ensures the delivery of high-quality, pertinent content. Simultaneously, our business development and marketing teams work on expanding our reach and catalyzing growth.

Our Commitment to Ethical Standards

We stand by the highest journalistic standards, quickly rectifying published articles as necessary and addressing copyright issues in a legal and timely fashion. We occasionally publish standalone opinion articles, clearly identifying and attributing them to individuals with relevant biographies. Quotes within news articles are clearly marked as attributable opinions.


We employ artificial intelligence technologies, such as ChatGPT-4 and Dall-e, to enhance our content curation and delivery. These technologies enable a personalized user experience and generate insightful analyses of trends, correlations, and key facts in the space industry. Additionally, we've developed sophisticated in-house automated analog/digital systems, now being replaced with newer methods as technologies like GPT-4 evolve to be more stable and dependable. Our understanding of automated systems is integral to our productivity and cost control methodology, enabling us to weather the business and technological cycles of the publishing industry for nearly three decades.

Our Business Model

We operate as a free news service without any paywall or login requirements. Our operations are backed by advertising sales based on direct in-house sales. Recently, we've removed all networked advertising code from most of our pages and plan to offer only industry-related advertising and marketing placements sold directly by our sales team in .

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For editorial inquiries, advertising opportunities, or any other information, please contact us here: [email protected] or call us on +1 310 541 0015 (PST)