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July 10, 2017
Pitted Materials in Craters Could Indicate Buried Ice on Asteroids
Tucson, AZ (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Pitted terrains inside fresh complex craters on Ceres are similar to terrains seen Mars and Vesta, and are likely formed through the rapid evaporation of subsurface H2O, a new paper by Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist Hanna G. Sizemore says. "Pitted terrains may be common morphological markers of volatile-rich near-surface material in the asteroid belt," Sizemore said. "Wherever we send a spacecraft into the solar system, we're always asking, 'Is there water? Is there ice?' Bot ... read more

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Soyuz rocket rolled out, ready to launch

Iran in 'successful' test of satellite-launch rocket

Portals to new worlds: Martian exploration near the North Pole

A Tale of Three Stellar Cities

MSU gravitational physicist receives NASA award to explore extreme gravity and the universe

Milky Way's origins are not what they seem

How Light Looks Different on the Moon and What NASA Is Doing About It

NASA'S First Asteroid Deflection Mission Enters Next Design Phase
The first-ever mission to demonstrate an asteroid deflection technique for planetary defense - the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) - is moving from concept development to preliminary design ... more
Bizarro comet challenging researchers
Scientists pursue research through observation, experimentation and modeling. They strive for all of these pieces to fit together, but sometimes finding the unexpected is even more exciting. That's ... more
Are asteroids humanity's 'greatest challenge'?
Throughout its 4.5-billion-year history, Earth has been repeatedly pummelled by space rocks that have caused anything from an innocuous splash in the ocean to species annihilation. ... more
NASA is building computer models of possible asteroid impact scenarios
NASA scientists are using one of the agency's most powerful supercomputers to build 3D models of potential asteroid impact scenarios. ... more
How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid
On the first day of the year 1801, Italian astronomer Gioacchino Giuseppe Maria Ubaldo Nicolo Piazzi found a previously uncharted "tiny star" near the constellation of Taurus. The following night Pi ... more
The Bee-Zed asteroid orbits in the opposite direction to planets
In our solar system, an asteroid orbits the Sun in the opposite direction to the planets. Asteroid 2015 BZ509, also known as Bee-Zed, takes 12 years to make one complete orbit around the Sun. This i ... more
Dutch scientists fete rare meteorite find
Dutch scientists on Monday celebrated the rare discovery of meteorite in The Netherlands, which at 4.5-billion years old may hold clues to the birth of our solar system. ... more
Impact Threat from Asteroid Apophis Cannot Be Ruled Out
The famous near-Earth asteroid Apophis caused quite a stir in 2004 when it was announced that it could hit our planet. Although the possibility of the impact during its close approach in 2029 was ex ... more

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Queen's University scientist warns of asteroid danger
A leading astrophysicist from Queen's University Belfast has warned that an asteroid strike is just a matter of time. Professor Alan Fitzsimmons from the University's Astrophysics Research Cen ... more
ESA boss urges action on 'ticking timebombs' in Earth orbit
A European Space Agency director urged nations Tuesday to unlock concealed data on the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands of pieces of space junk, or "ticking time bombs" threatening spacecraft in Earth orbit. ... more
Are NEOs Coming to Earth?
Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) are comets and asteroids in heliocentric orbits that have been influenced by planetary flybys causing them to approach Earth. Comets are composed mostly of water ice and du ... more
B612 Creates Asteroid Institute
The B612 Foundation has announced the formation of a new science and technology institute dedicated to protecting Earth from asteroid impacts. Dr. Ed Lu, three time US astronaut and Co-founder of B6 ... more
Rosetta finds comet connection to Earth's atmosphere
The challenging detection, by ESA's Rosetta mission, of several isotopes of the noble gas xenon at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has established the first quantitative link between comets and the ... more
High-pressure experiments solve meteorite mystery
With high-pressure experiments at DESY's X-ray light source PETRA III and other facilities, a research team around Leonid Dubrovinsky from the University of Bayreuth has solved a long standing riddl ... more
Scientists solve meteorite mystery with high-pressure X-ray experiments
Scientists have long struggled to understand how different types of silica, which require distinction formation conditions, are commonly found in the same meteorite. ... more
NASA's Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft a Discovery Machine
NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission has released its third year of survey data, with the spacecraft discovering 97 previously unknown celestial objects in ... more

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Inspiration Links The Beatles, a Fossil and a NASA Mission
Fifty years ago, The Beatles released their album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,' which included the iconic song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds." The popular song was critically acclaimed f ... more
First 24-hour Global Broadcast About Asteroid Impact Hazard
On June 30, asteroids will make history as the focus of a conversation shared around the world on the first ever global 24-hour broadcast about space and the role of asteroids in our solar system. ... more
'Tiny clocks' crystallize understanding of meteorite crashes
Almost two billion years ago, a 10-kilometre-wide chunk of space slammed down into rock near what is now the city of Sudbury. Now, scientists from Western University and the University of Portsmouth ... more
NASA Moves Up Launch of Psyche Mission to a Metal Asteroid
Psyche, NASA's Discovery Mission to a unique metal asteroid, has been moved up one year with launch in the summer of 2022, and with a planned arrival at the main belt asteroid in 2026 - four years e ... more
Movie Shows Ceres at Opposition from Sun
NASA's Dawn spacecraft successfully observed Ceres at opposition on April 29, taking images from a position exactly between the sun and Ceres' surface. Mission specialists had carefully maneuvered D ... more
The Aerospace Corporation leads Asteroid Impact Exercise at IAA in Tokyo
Dr. William Ailor, Aerospace Fellow at The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace), will lead a realistic asteroid impact threat exercise at the 2017 International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Planetary ... more
Twisting an Asteroid
Scientists and engineers from all over the world will gather from 15 to 19 May in Tokyo, Japan, at the 5th Planetary Defence Conference (PDC) to discuss the threat posed by asteroids and comets. ... more
Oldest buckthorn fossilized flowers found in Argentina
Around 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, a giant asteroid crashed into the present-day Gulf of Mexico, leading to the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs. How plants were ... more
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