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June 15, 2017
Kazakh man dies in fire following Russian rocket launch: govt.

Astana, Kazakhstan (AFP) June 15, 2017
A Kazakh man died and another was hospitalised after they were caught in a fire on the steppes triggered by falling debris from a Russian space launch, emergency services said on Thursday. The blaze, reaching 15 kilometers (9.5 miles) across, was unleashed by parts of a rocket that fell to earth on Wednesday after launch from the nearby Baikonur cosmodrome, emergency situations committee spokesman Ruslan Imankulov told AFP. The rocket had been used to successfully launch a supply ship destined f ... read more

China launches its first X-ray space telescope
Beijing (AFP) June 15, 2017
China successfully launched on Thursday its first X-ray space telescope to study black holes, pulsars and gamma-ray bursts, state media reported. ... more
Russia launches space freighter to ISS
Moscow (AFP) June 14, 2017
Russia on Wednesday launched an unmanned Progress cargo ship carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. ... more
Ball Aerospace Completes WFIRST Study for NASA
Boulder CO (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Ball Aerospace reports it has completed a six-month Phase A study of the scientific and technology requirements for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) project's Wide Field Instrument ... more
"Seeing the Beginning of Time" Features the Dark Energy Survey
Champaign IL (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
"Seeing the Beginning of Time" takes viewers on a visually compelling journey through deep space and time. The 50-minute, 4K science documentary was co-produced by the National Center for Supercompu ... more
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DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
The Humans to Mars Summit 2018 - George Washington University - Washington May 8-10, 2018
Military Radar Summit 2018
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Russian Spektr-RG mission to identify 3 billin black holes after 2018 launch
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 15, 2017
The Spektr-RG (Spectrum Roentgen Gamma) space mission, slated to launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome net year, will help to draw up a map of the universe including three million black holes, project ... more
Chaotically magnetized cloud is no place to build a star, or is it
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
For decades, scientists thought that the magnetic field lines coursing around newly forming stars were both powerful and unyielding, working like jail bars to corral star-forming material. More rece ... more
Scientists make waves with black hole research
Nottingham UK (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Scientists at the University of Nottingham have made a significant leap forward in understanding the workings of one of the mysteries of the universe. They have successfully simulated the conditions ... more
Galaxy alignments traced back 10 billion years
Helsinki, Finland (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
A new study led by Michael West of Lowell Observatory and Roberto De Propris of the University of Turku, Finland, reveals that the most massive galaxies in the universe have been aligned with their ... more
VLA gives new insight into galaxy cluster's spectacular 'mini-halo'
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Astronomers using the National Science Foundation's Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) have discovered new details that are helping them decipher the mystery of how giant radio-emitting structure ... more
New evidence that all stars are born in pairs
Berkeley CA (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Did our sun have a twin when it was born 4.5 billion years ago? Almost certainly yes - though not an identical twin. And so did every other sunlike star in the universe, according to a new ana ... more

NRAO: Making Powerful Data-Visualization Tools Easier to Use

Auriga Project Helps Uncover the History of Galaxies
Heidelberg, Germany (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Thousands of processors, terabytes of data, and months of computing time have helped a group of researchers in Germany create some of the largest and highest resolution simulations ever made of gala ... more
The future of the Orion constellation
Paris (ESA) Jun 15, 2017
A new video, based on measurements by ESA's Gaia and Hipparcos satellites, shows how our view of the Orion constellation will evolve over the next 450 000 years. Stars are not motionless in the sky: ... more
The VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz large project
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Astronomy and Astrophysics is publishing a series of six articles presenting the results of the VLA-COSMOS 3 GHz Large Project. Led by researchers at the University of Zagreb, the team used the Karl ... more
VST captures 3-in-1
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Sharpless 2-54 and the Eagle and Omega Nebula e are located roughly 7000 light-years away - the first two fall within the constellation of Serpens , while the latter lies within Sagittarius. T ... more

Russia launches space freighter to ISS
Moscow (AFP) June 14, 2017
Russia on Wednesday launched an unmanned Progress cargo ship carrying supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. "The Soyuz-2.1A booster rocket with the Progress MS-06 cargo ship launched successfully from Baikonur cosmodrome at 12:20 Moscow time (0920 GMT)," Russian space agency Roscosmos said in a statement on its website. The cargo sh ... more
Miami (AFP) June 7, 2017
Pence hails new NASA astronauts as 'best of us'
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
Bread Me Up, Scotty: Crumb-Free Pastries Coming to the ISS
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
NASA Prepares for Future Space Exploration with International Undersea Crew
Launch Vehicle Rocket Engines
Bethesda, MD (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
Many innovators have proposed a variety of concepts that might propel a launch vehicle from Earth to orbit. However, only two basic types of rocket engines have survived the test of fire: Solid propellant and liquid propellant rockets. There are still a few who believe hybrids are the answer to achieving orbital speeds with meaningful payloads. However, none of the liquid/solid contraption ... more
New Delhi (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
India's Kerosene-Based Semi-Cryogenic Engine to Be Flight Test Ready by 2021
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 14, 2017
Russia's Next Carrier-Based Rocket Launch Planned for 2018 - Khrunichev Center
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 09, 2017
Proton returns to flight with US satellite after 12 month hiatus
Walkabout Above 'Perseverance Valley'
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 12, 2017
Opportunity is at the top of "Perseverance Valley" on the rim of Endeavour Crater. The plan before proceeding down the valley is to perform a walk-about survey above the valley. To start the walkabout, on Sol 4746 (May 31, 2017) Opportunity drove about 82 feet (24.9 meters) mostly south toward a chosen waypoint. Images for extensive panoramas were collected with the Navigation Camera (Navc ... more
Paris (ESA) Jun 09, 2017
Window to a watery past on Mars
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 12, 2017
NASA Finds Evidence of Diverse Environments in Curiosity Samples
Providence RI (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
Hot rocks, not warm atmosphere, led to relatively recent water-carved valleys on Mars
What China's space ambitions have to do with politics
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 13, 2017
Experts told Sputnik they believe China's space ambitions are driven not only by the goal of space exploration itself but also by politics. Tommy Yang - China's commitment to its space exploration programs is driven by the same sense of national pride that fueled the "space race" between the Soviet Union and the United States in the 1960s, experts told Sputnik. China's space programs toppe ... more
Beijing (XNA) Jun 12, 2017
China to open space station to scientists worldwide
Beijing (XNA) Jun 12, 2017
China achieves key breakthrough in multiple launch vehicles
Beijing (XNA) Jun 08, 2017
China's space station to help maintain co-orbital telescope
Trudeau under pressure to reject China bid for satellite firm
Ottawa (AFP) June 13, 2017
Pressure ratcheted up Tuesday on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to effectively deny a Chinese firm's purchase of Canadian satellite communications company Norsat, over national security concerns. Its purchase by Hytera Communications was approved earlier this month, after a routine security analysis. But since then, opposition parties, two former Canadian spy masters and a US ... more
London, UK (SPX) Jun 09, 2017
Jumpstart goes into alliance with major aerospace and defence group ADS
Paris (ESA) Jun 05, 2017
Thomas Pesquet returns to Earth
Boulder CO (SPX) Jun 01, 2017
Propose a course idea for the CU space minor
The first nanometrically-sized superelastic alloy
Barcelona, Spain (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
University of the Basque Country's researchers have explored superelasticity properties on a nanometric scale based on shearing an alloy's pillars down to nanometric size. In the article published by the prestigious scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers have found that below one micron in diameter the material behaves differently and requires much higher stress for it to be d ... more
Houston TX (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation
New York NY (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Oyster shells inspire new method to make superstrong, flexible polymers
Raleigh NC (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
New technique enables 3-D printing with paste of silicone particles in water
DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
The Art of Exoplanets
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 09, 2017
The moon hanging in the night sky sent Robert Hurt's mind into deep space - to a region some 40 light years away, in fact, where seven Earth-sized planets crowded close to a dim, red sun. Hurt, a visualization scientist at Caltech's IPAC center, was walking outside his home in Mar Vista, California, shortly after he learned of the discovery of these rocky worlds around a star called TRAPPI ... more
Norman OK (SPX) Jun 13, 2017
OU astrophysicist identifies composition of Earth-size planets in TRAPPIST-1 system
Garching, Germany (SPX) Jun 08, 2017
ALMA Finds Ingredient of Life Around Infant Sun-like Stars
Amsterdam, Netherlands (SPX) Jun 13, 2017
Astronomers Explain Formation of Seven Exoplanets Around TRAPPIST-1
A whole new Jupiter with first science results from Juno
Pasadena CA (JPL) May 26, 2017
arly science results from NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter portray the largest planet in our solar system as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world, with Earth-sized polar cyclones, plunging storm systems that travel deep into the heart of the gas giant, and a mammoth, lumpy magnetic field that may indicate it was generated closer to the planet's surface than previously thought. "We are excite ... more
Washington DC (SPX) May 26, 2017
First results from Juno show cyclones and massive magnetism
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) May 26, 2017
Jupiters complex transient auroras
Miami (AFP) May 25, 2017
NASA's Juno probe forces 'rethink' on Jupiter
NASA Data Suggest Future May Be Rainier Than Expected
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jun 15, 2017
A new study suggests that most global climate models may underestimate the amount of rain that will fall in Earth's tropical regions as our planet continues to warm. That's because these models underestimate decreases in high clouds over the tropics seen in recent NASA observations, according to research led by scientist Hui Su of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. W ... more
Istanbul (AFP) June 14, 2017
'Plankton explosion' turns Istanbul's Bosphorus turquoise
Hanover NH (SPX) Jun 12, 2017
New-generation material removes iodine from water
New York NY (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
Seeing inside coral
Galileo grows: two more satellites join working constellation
Paris (ESA) Jun 09, 2017
Two further satellites have formally become part of Europe's Galileo satnav system, broadcasting timing and navigation signals worldwide while also picking up distress calls across the planet. These are the 15th and 16th satellites to join the network, two of the four Galileos that were launched together by Ariane 5 on 17 November, and the first additions to the working constellation since ... more
Beijing (XNA) Jun 14, 2017
BDS Precise Service System covers over 300 Chinese cities
Washington DC (SPX) May 30, 2017
GIS is a powerful tool that should be used with caution
Tokyo (AFP) June 1, 2017
Japan launches satellite in bid for super accurate GPS system
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
New NELIOTA project detects flashes from lunar impacts
Paris (ESA) Jun 12, 2017
Using a system developed under an ESA contract, the Greek NELIOTA project has begun to detect flashes of light caused by small pieces of rock striking the Moon's surface. NELIOTA is the first system that can determine the temperature of these impact flashes. Studies such as NELIOTA are important because Earth and its Moon are constantly bombarded by natural space debris. Most of this mater ... more
Washington DC (SPX) May 25, 2017
Cube Quest Challenge Team Spotlight: Cislunar Explorers
Paris (ESA) May 12, 2017
Winning plans for CubeSats to the Moon
Paris (ESA) May 04, 2017
Printing bricks from moondust using the Sun's heat
Rosetta finds comet connection to Earth's atmosphere
Paris (ESA) Jun 12, 2017
The challenging detection, by ESA's Rosetta mission, of several isotopes of the noble gas xenon at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has established the first quantitative link between comets and the atmosphere of Earth. The blend of xenon found at the comet closely resembles U-xenon, the primordial mixture that scientists believe was brought to Earth during the early stages of Solar System format ... more
Silicon Valley CA (SPX) Jun 14, 2017
B612 Creates Asteroid Institute
Washington (UPI) Jun 7, 2017
Scientists solve meteorite mystery with high-pressure X-ray experiments
Hamburg, Germany (SPX) Jun 08, 2017
High-pressure experiments solve meteorite mystery
NASA satellites image, measure Florida's extreme rainfall
Washington (UPI) Jun 8, 2017
New satellite images from the Global Precipitation Measurement mission offers a visualization of the extreme rainfall that has accumulated in Florida over the past week. GPM is a joint mission between NASA and Japan's space agency JAXA. It consists of a GPM core observatory satellite and a constellation of cooperating probes. As the GPM core observatory satellite passed above Sou ... more
Paris (ESA) Jun 02, 2017
The heat is on for Sentinel-3B
Cambridge, Canada (SPX) May 31, 2017
exactEarth Launches Revolutionary Global Real-Time Maritime Tracking and Information Service
Paris (AFP) May 30, 2017
Earth is a jewel, says astronaut after six months away
NASA's SDO sees partial eclipse in space
Greenbelt MD (SPX) May 30, 2017
On May 25, 2017, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, saw a partial solar eclipse in space when it caught the moon passing in front of the sun. The lunar transit lasted almost an hour, between 2:24 and 3:17 p.m. EDT, with the moon covering about 89 percent of the sun at the peak of its journey across the sun's face. The moon's crisp horizon can be seen from this view because the moon has n ... more
Miami (AFP) May 31, 2017
A real scorcher: NASA probe to fly into sun's atmosphere
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 01, 2017
NASA renames Solar mission to honor Eugene Parker
Huntsville AL (SPX) May 24, 2017
CLASP Sounding Rocket Mission Opens New Research Window in Solar Physics
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Galaxy Alignments Traced Back 10 Billion Years
Flagstaff, AZ (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
A new study led by Michael West of Lowell Observatory reveals that the most massive galaxies in the universe have been aligned with their surroundings for the past ten billion years. It is the furthest back in time that this phenomenon has ever been seen. While most galaxies are randomly oriented in space, astronomers have long known that the biggest ones often point towards their neighbor ... more
Paris (ESA) Jun 15, 2017
The future of the Orion constellation
Berkeley CA (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
New evidence that all stars are born in pairs
Socorro, NM (SPX) Jun 15, 2017
NRAO: Making Powerful Data-Visualization Tools Easier to Use
Cosmic inflation: Higgs says goodbye to his 'little brother'
Warsaw, Poland (SPX) Jun 09, 2017
In the first moments after the Big Bang, the Universe was able to expand even billions of billions of billions of times faster than today. Such rapid expansion should be due to a primordial force field, acting with a new particle: inflaton. From the latest analysis of the decay of mesons, carried out in the LHCb experiment by physicists from Cracow and Zurich, it appears, however, that the most ... more
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Jun 13, 2017
The largest virtual Universe ever simulated
Daytona Beach FL (SPX) Jun 08, 2017
New confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 15, 2017
Russian Spektr-RG mission to identify 3 billin black holes after 2018 launch

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