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December 02, 2016
Could There Be Life in Pluto's Ocean?
St. Louis, MO (SPX) Dec 02, 2016 - Pluto is thought to possess a subsurface ocean, which is not so much a sign of water as it is a tremendous clue that other dwarf planets in deep space also may contain similarly exotic oceans, naturally leading to the question of life, said one co-investigator with NASA's New Horizon mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. William McKinnon, professor of Earth and planetary sciences in Arts a ... more

Space freighter burns up after launch to to ISS: Russia
Moscow (AFP) Dec 1, 2016 - An unmanned cargo ship travelling to the International Space Station burned up in the atmosphere shortly after launch on Thursday, Russia's space agency said. "According to preliminary information, as a result of an abnormal situation, the cargo ship's loss occurred some 190 kilometres (110 miles) above the remote, unpopulated mountainous territory of (Russia's) Tuva region, and most fragmen ... more

6th Annual Modular Construction Summit for Oil and Gas Agenda - December 7-9 - Houston

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin stable after South Pole health scare
Wellington (AFP) Dec 1, 2016 - Retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, was recovering in a New Zealand hospital Friday after being medically evacuated from the South Pole while on a tourist trip, his management said. Aldrin, 86, was "evacuated on the first available flight out" after experiencing health problems, said a statement from Antarctic tour operator White Desert. It said Aldrin - l ... more

First Signs of Weird Quantum Property of Empty Space
Garching, Germany (SPX) Nov 30, 2016 - By studying the light emitted from an extraordinarily dense and strongly magnetised neutron star using ESO's Very Large Telescope, astronomers may have found the first observational indications of a strange quantum effect, first predicted in the 1930s. The polarisation of the observed light suggests that the empty space around the neutron star is subject to a quantum effect known as vacuum biref ... more

New Perspective on How Pluto's "Icy Heart" Came to Be
College Park MD (SPX) Nov 30, 2016 - Pluto's "icy heart" is a bright, two-lobed feature on its surface that has attracted researchers ever since its discovery by the NASA New Horizons team in 2015. Of particular interest is the heart's western lobe, informally named Sputnik Planitia, a deep basin containing three kinds of ices - frozen nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide - and appearing opposite Charon, Pluto's tidally locked moo ... more

Develop commercial strategies for the global deployment of SMRs and Advanced Reactors

XCOR Partners With Immortal Data To Enhance And Commercialize Shipslog Data Acquisition System
Midland TX (SPX) Dec 01, 2016 - XCOR Aerospace and Immortal Data Incorporated have entered into a licensing agreement having Immortal Data further developing and commercializing the ShipsLog software, the data acquisition system for the XCOR Lynx Space Plane and its engine test stand. After enhancement and integration, ShipsLog will be a key element of a tail to nose aerospace data collection, storage and display solutio ... more

The Vega launcher is complete for next week's Arianespace mission with Gokturk-1
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Dec 01, 2016 - The eighth Vega lightweight launcher to be operated from the Spaceport in French Guiana has been fully assembled and "topped off" with the Gokturk-1 optical satellite payload, readying it for Arianespace's mission to Sun-synchronous orbit on December 5. Designated Flight VV08 in Arianespace's numbering system, this Vega launch is to deploy Gokturk-1 during a mission lasting just under two ... more

From Monterey Bay to Europa
Pasadena CA (JPL) Dec 01, 2016 - If you think operating a robot in space is hard, try doing it in the ocean. Saltwater can corrode your robot and block its radio signals. Kelp forests can tangle it up, and you might not get it back. Sharks will even try to take bites out of its wings. The ocean is basically a big obstacle course of robot death. Despite this, robotic submersibles have become critical tools for ocean resear ... more

Cryogenic Buyer's Guide

Cool Theory on Galaxy Formation
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Dec 01, 2016 - Giant galaxies may grow from cold gas that condenses as stars rather than forming in hot, violent mergers. The surprise finding was made with CSIRO and US radio telescopes by an international team including four CSIRO researchers and published in the journal Science today [Friday, 2 December]. The biggest galaxies are found at the hearts of clusters, huge swarms of galaxies. "U ... more

Squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly
Lyngby, Denmark (SPX) Nov 30, 2016 - How does the tightrope walker manage to maintain her balance and avoid that fatal drop from the sky? She carefully senses the motion of her body and vibrations of the rope and accordingly compensates any deviation from equilibrium by shifting her center of gravity. In a thermally excited system, the amplitude of the mechanical vibrations are directly linked to the system's temperature. Thus, by ... more

+ LIGO Resumes Search for Gravitational Waves

+ 'Dronejacking' may be the next big cyber threat

+ US, France to Sign Military Space Cooperation Agreement

+ Scientists unveil first 'water-wave laser'

+ Biologists watch speciation in a laboratory flask

+ New tool enables viewing spectrum from specific structures within samples

+ Metamaterials open up entirely new possibilities in optics

+ Researchers explore 2-D materials to devices faster, smaller and efficient

+ Bumpy surfaces, graphene beat the heat in devices

+ 10 million ions cooled for the first time to 7K

+ Airbus Safran Launchers Becomes a 74% Shareholder in Arianespace

+ Arizona Astronomers Characterize Smallest Known Asteroid

+ NASA Radio on Europe's New Mars Orbiter Aces Relay Test

+ It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's the Tiniest Asteroid

+ Ultrafast imaging reveals existence of 'polarons'

+ Creating new physical properties in materials

+ Life before oxygen

+ LeoSat and Globalsat Group Sign Strategic Worldwide Agreement

+ Space exploration plans unveiled

+ Eyes in the sky

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