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July 27, 2016
Space... the final frontier
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - Fifty years ago Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise began their journey into space - the final frontier. Now, as the newest Star Trek film hits cinemas, the NASA/ESA Hubble space telescope is also exploring new frontiers, observing distant galaxies in the galaxy cluster Abell S1063 as part of the Frontier Fields programme. Space... the final frontier. These are the stories ... more

Digging deeper into Mars
Baton Rouge LA (SPX) Jul 27, 2016 - Water is the key to life on Earth. Scientists continue to unravel the mystery of life on Mars by investigating evidence of water in the planet's soil. Previous observations of soil observed along crater slopes on Mars showed a significant amount of perchlorate salts, which tend to be associated with brines with a moderate pH level. However, researchers have stepped back to look at the bigg ... more

The rise of commercial spaceports
Bethesda MD (SPX) Jul 27, 2016 - Just last year, the FAA gave Houston the "go-ahead" to build America's 10th commercial spaceport. Yes, the US already had nine spaceports designated for commercial operations. One must ask, "Why do we need 10 spaceports for so little commercial space activities?" This represents a great deal of investment and ongoing expense for an industry still in its infancy. The reason for all this exc ... more

Why are there so few large craters on dwarf planet Ceres?
Boulder, Colo. (UPI) Jul 26, 2016 - Life in the asteroid belt isn't conducive to a smooth complexion. Ceres' surface is proof of that. But researchers say the dwarf planet's face isn't nearly as chiseled as they expected. New analysis reveals a conspicuous absence of large impact craters. Collision models predicted astronomers would find 10 to 15 craters wider than 250 miles and at least 40 craters wider than 62 miles. ... more

Supermassive and Supersonic - Black Hole Studied with Sardinia Radio Telescope
Rome, Italy (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - Using the brand-new Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), a giant parabolic dish of 64 meters diameter, a team of astronomers from the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) and the University of Cagliari have produced a detailed image of a supermassive black hole proceeding at high speed towards the core of the distant cluster of galaxies designed as 3C 129. The results are going to be pu ... more

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New detector at South Pole shows early success at neutrino hunting
Lawrence KS (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - In the second it takes to read these words, 65 billion neutrinos will shoot through every square centimeter of your body. Luckily, these infinitesimal particles don't do any harm - they pass through us, as they do with most everything, without stopping or interacting. "Partly because it's so tiny, a neutrino has this unique property - it's able to penetrate through matter very easily," sai ... more

Chandra Finds Evidence for Violent Stellar Merger
Boston MA (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - Gamma-ray bursts, or GRBs, are some of the most violent and energetic events in the universe. Although these events are the most luminous explosions in the universe, a new study using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, NASA's Swift satellite and other telescopes suggests that scientists may be missing a majority of these powerful cosmic detonations. Astronomers think that some GRBs are the ... more

1.2 Million Galaxies in 3D
Garching, Germany (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - What are the properties of dark energy? This question is one of the most intriguing ones in astronomy and scientists are one step closer in answering this question with the largest three-dimensional map of the universe so far: This map contains 1.2 million galaxies in a volume spanning 650 cubic billion light-years. Hundreds of scientists from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS-III) - ... more

Astronomers discover dizzying spin of the Milky Way galaxy's 'halo'
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jul 27, 2016 - Astronomers at the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) discovered for the first time that the hot gas in the halo of the Milky Way galaxy is spinning in the same direction and at comparable speed as the galaxy's disk, which contains our stars, planets, gas, and dust. This new knowledge sheds light on how individual atoms have assembled into stars, pl ... more

India earned Rs 230 crore through satellite launch services in FY16
New Delhi (IANS) Jul 26, 2016 - India earned around Rs.230 crore last in fiscal through commercial launch satellite services, parliament was told on Thursday. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) through Antrix Corporation Ltd offers satellite launch capacity on a commercial basis, Union Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Jitendra Singh, who also holds charge of the departments of Atomic Energy an ... more

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Stellar outburst brings water snowline into view
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - A violent outburst by the young star V883 Orionis has given astronomers their first view of a water "snowline" in a protoplanetary disk - the transition point around the star where the temperature and pressure are low enough for water ice to form. An abrupt increase in the brightness of the star "flash heated" the inner portion of the disk, pushing the water snowline out much farther than ... more

'Frankenstein' Galaxy Surprises Astronomers
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 25, 2016 - About 250 million light-years away, there's a neighborhood of our universe that astronomers had considered quiet and unremarkable. But now, scientists have uncovered an enormous, bizarre galaxy possibly formed from the parts of other galaxies. A new study to be published in the Astrophysical Journal reveals the secret of UGC 1382, a galaxy that had originally been thought to be old, small ... more

ISRO to use radar imaging satellite to locate missing IAF plane
Chennai (IANS) Jul 26, 2016 - The Indian space agency will be using its Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT) that can see through the clouds to locate the missing Indian Air Force (IAF) plane that went missing on Friday morning with 29 people on board, said its chief on Saturday. "We will be using RISAT to locate the missing aircraft. The satellite can take pictures both during the day and night. It can see through the clou ... more

India to launch EO satellite jointly developed with US in 2021
Chennai (IANS) Jul 26, 2016 - The Indian space agency and US NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are jointly working on the development of Dual Frequency (L and S band) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imaging Satellite named as NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR), slated to be completed and launched by 2021, parliament was told on Thursday. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will be responsible for design ... more

Black Hole Makes Material Wobble Around It
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 25, 2016 - The European Space Agency's orbiting X-ray observatory, XMM-Newton, has proved the existence of a "gravitational vortex" around a black hole. The discovery, aided by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) mission, solves a mystery that has eluded astronomers for more than 30 years, and will allow them to map the behavior of matter very close to black holes. It could also open the ... more

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Blue Is an Indicator of First Stars' Supernova Explosions
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - For 100 million years after the big bang, the universe was dark and filled with hydrogen and helium. Then, the first stars appeared, and heavier elements (referred to as "metals," meaning anything heavier than helium) were created by thermonuclear fusion reactions within stars. These metals were spread around the galaxies by supernova explosions. Studying first generation supernovae provid ... more

Earth's Magnetosphere Has a Large Intake of Solar Wind Energy
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jul 26, 2016 - Solar wind forms the energy source for aurora explosions. How does the Earth's magnetosphere take in the energy of the solar wind? An international team led by Hiroshi Hasegawa and Naritoshi Kitamura (ISAS/JAXA) analyzed data taken by the US-Japan collaborative mission GEOTAIL and NASA's MMS satellites and revealed that the interaction between the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun, or more pr ... more

Will Russia and China Build an SCO-Based Joint Missile Defense System
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 26, 2016 - Russia and China may create a unified missile defense system for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. That's the conclusion of experts speaking at a forum dedicated to the US deployment of the THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea. What would the Russian-Chinese system look like? Sputnik investigates. On Monday, experts in Moscow and Beijing spoke via video conference on the ... more

Russia carries out Iskander-M electronic launches: Report
Vladivostok, Russia (UPI) Jul 22, 2016 - Missile troops in Russia's Far East have carried out the first electronic launches from the Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system, the Tass news agency reported Friday. The exercises took place at the Kapustin Yar range in the Astrakhan region of southern Russia. "The electronic launches of missiles were carried out on different targets at a distance of up to 500 kilometer ... more

A third of U.S. adults say they'd be enthusiastic about a microchip implanted in brain
Washington (UPI) Jul 26, 2016 - A third of U.S. adults in a recent Pew Research Center survey said they'd be "enthusiastic" about a brain chip to enhance their thinking power. The survey of 4,726 adults examined public attitudes about three emerging technologies that could improve a person's health, cognitive ability or physical capacity. Responses showed that a majority of American adults are uneasy, or "worri ... more

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