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August 22, 2017
Astrophysicists explain the mysterious behavior of cosmic rays
Moscow (SPX) Aug 21, 2017
A team of scientists from Russia and China has developed a model which explains the nature of high-energy cosmic rays (CRs) in our Galaxy. These CRs have energies exceeding those produced by supernova explosions by one or two orders of magnitude. The model focuses mainly on the recent discovery of giant structures called Fermi bubbles. One of the key problems in the theory of the origin of cosmic rays (high-energy protons and atomic nuclei) is their acceleration mechanism. The issue was addressed ... read more

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The Phantom Lunar Dragon

Turning human waste into plastic, nutrients could aid long-distance space travel

Study finds that gravity, 'mechanical loading' are key to cartilage development

The Moving Martian Bow Shock

Could the X-37B Space Plane be Preparing for a Mission in September

A silent search for dark matter

Tech leaders warn against 'Pandora's box' of robotic weapons

Scientists create 'diamond rain' that forms in the interior of icy giant planets
In an experiment designed to mimic the conditions deep inside the icy giant planets of our solar system, scientists were able to observe "diamond rain" for the first time as it formed in high-pressu ... more
OU astrophysicist predicts detached, eclipsing white dwarfs to merge into exotic star
A University of Oklahoma astrophysicist, Mukremin Kilic, and his team have discovered two detached, eclipsing double white dwarf binaries with orbital periods of 40 and 46 minutes, respectively. ... more
Scientists improve brown dwarf weather forecasts
Dim objects called brown dwarfs, less massive than the Sun but more massive than Jupiter, have powerful winds and clouds - specifically, hot patchy clouds made of iron droplets and silicate dust. Sc ... more
Air routes adjusted to protect FAST radio telescope
The Civil Aviation Administration of China has adjusted air routes around the world's largest radio telescope in southwestern province of Guizhou to protect the electromagnetic environment. Th ... more
Russia could launch Spektr-RG space observatory with German telescope in 2018
Russia could launch the Spektr-RG (Spectrum Roentgen Gamma) space observatory with the German eRosita X-ray telescope in October 2018, a spokesperson of the Lavochkin Research and Production Associa ... more
New 3-D simulations show how galactic centers cool their jets
Some of the most extreme outbursts observed in the universe are the mysterious jets of energy and matter beaming from the center of galaxies at nearly the speed of light. These narrow jets, which ty ... more
Why massive galaxies don't dance in crowds
Australian scientists have discovered why heavyweight galaxies living in a dense crowd of galaxies tend to spin more slowly than their lighter neighbours. "Contrary to earlier thinking, the sp ... more
Galactic winds push researchers to probe galaxies at unprecedented scale
When astronomers peer into the universe, what they see often exceeds the limits of human understanding. Such is the case with low-mass galaxies - galaxies a fraction of the size of our own Milky Way ... more

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Exotic quantum states made from light
Light particles (photons) occur as tiny, indivisible portions. Many thousands of these light portions can be merged to form a single super-photon if they are sufficiently concentrated and cooled. Th ... more
Vast new super cluster of galaxies named Saraswati
A team of astronomers from the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), both in Pune, India, and members of two ... more
Shedding light on galaxies' rotation secrets
The dichotomy concerns the so-called angular momentum (per unit mass), that in physics is a measure of size and rotation velocity. Spiral galaxies are found to be strongly rotating, with an angular ... more
Chandra Peers Into a Nurturing Cloud
In the context of space, the term 'cloud' can mean something rather different from the fluffy white collections of water in the sky or a way to store data or process information. Giant molecular clo ... more
The mystery of the pulsating blue stars
In the middle of the large Chilean Atacama desert, a team of Polish astronomers are patiently monitoring millions of celestial bodies night after night with the help of a modern robotic telescope. I ... more
A fleeting blue glow
In the 2009 film "Star Trek," a supernova hurtles through space and obliterates a planet unfortunate enough to be in its path. Fiction, of course, but it turns out the notion is not so farfetched. ... more
Astronomers catch exploding supernova early
For the first time, astronomers have observed a cosmic event in great detail that they only had glimpses of before: a supernova and its explosive ejecta slamming into a nearby companion star. The di ... more
Polish astronomers attempt to solve pulsating blue stars puzzle
A team of astronomers is trying to account for a mysterious new class of rapidly pulsating blue stars. ... more

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New mission going to the space station to explore mysteries of 'cosmic rain'
A new experiment set for an Aug. 14 launch to the International Space Station will provide an unprecedented look at a rain of particles from deep space, called cosmic rays, that constantly showers o ... more
Sunshield layers fully integrated on James Webb Space Telescope
The five sunshield layers responsible for protecting the optics and instruments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope are now fully installed. Northrop Grumman Corporation in Redondo Beach, Cal ... more
China offers over million dollars for someone to operate world's largest radio telescope
China is struggling to find a foreign applicant to run the world's largest radio telescope, which is odd considering they're offering to pay them more than $1.2 million for their troubles. The ... more
NASA continues to study pulsars, 50 years after their chance discovery
A little bit of "scruff" in scientific data 50 years ago led to the discovery of pulsars - rapidly spinning dense stellar corpses that appear to pulse at Earth. Astronomer Jocelyn Bell made th ... more
New theory on the origin of dark matter
Only a small part of the universe consists of visible matter. By far the largest part is invisible and consists of dark matter and dark energy. Very little is known about dark energy, but there are ... more
Scientists probe the conditions of stellar interiors to measure nuclear reactions
Most of the nuclear reactions that drive the nucleosynthesis of the elements in our universe occur in very extreme stellar plasma conditions. This intense environment found in the deep interiors of ... more
Astronomers discover "Heavy Metal" supernova
Many rock stars don't like to play by the rules, and a cosmic one is no exception. A team of astronomers has discovered that an extraordinarily bright supernova occurred in a surprising location. Th ... more
Lockheed Martin shrinking the telescope as first images from micro instrument revealed
Lockheed Martin has revealed the first images from an experimental, ultra-thin optical instrument, showing it could be possible to shrink space telescopes to a sliver of the size of today's systems ... more
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