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News About Extra Solar Planets
November 17, 2017
Images of strange solar system visitor peel away some of the mystery
Madison WI (SPX) Nov 17, 2017
A strange visitor, either asteroid or comet, zipping through our solar system at a high rate of speed is giving astronomers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to examine up close an object from somewhere else in our galaxy. "It's a really rare object," explains Ralf Kotulla, a University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomer who, with colleagues from UCLA and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), used the 3.5 meter WIYN Telescope on Kitt Peak, Arizona, to take some of the first pictures of ... read more

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MIT team design $100 handheld muon detector

Driverless, electric future just round the corner for urban cars

Drone Race: Human Versus Artificial Intelligence

Global light pollution increasing at a rate of two percent per year

IceCube finds Earth can block high-energy particles from nuclear reactions

First known interstellar visitor is an 'oddball'

NASA telescope studies quirky comet 45P

Our Living Planet Shapes the Search for Life Beyond Earth
As a young scientist, Tony del Genio of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City met Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of Pluto. "I thought, 'Wow, this is a one-time opportunit ... more
Closest temperate world orbiting quiet star discovered
A temperate Earth-sized planet has been discovered only 11 light-years from the Solar System by a team using ESO's unique planet-hunting HARPS instrument. The new world has the designation Ross 128 ... more
NASA plans mission to study why planets lose their atmospheres
A team of NASA scientists want to use Earth as a laboratory to understand how planets lose their atmospheres and has proposed a mission that the agency recently selected as one of five for further c ... more
Astronomers See Moving Shadows Around Planet-Forming Star
A team of mainly Dutch astronomers has observed moving shadows on a dust disk around a star. On multiple days they took a 'photo' of the star and its disk. They used the SPHERE instrument, partially ... more
Scientists find potential 'missing link' in chemistry that led to life on earth
Chemists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have found a compound that may have been a crucial factor in the origins of life on Earth. Origins-of-life researchers have hypothesized that ... more
Overlooked Treasure: The First Evidence of Exoplanets
Beneath an elegant office building with a Spanish-style red tiled roof in Pasadena, California, three timeworn storerooms safeguard more than a century of astronomy. Down the stairs and to the right ... more
18-Month Twinkle in a Forming Star Suggests a Very Young Planet
An international team of researchers have found an infrequent variation in the brightness of a forming star. This 18-month recurring twinkle is not only an unexpected phenomenon for scientists, but ... more
Atmospheric beacons guide NASA scientists in search for life
Some exoplanets shine brighter than others in the search for life beyond the solar system. New NASA research proposes a novel approach to sniffing out exoplanet atmospheres. It takes advantage of fr ... more

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Scientists discover new type of deep-sea hunting called kleptopredation
In studying the plunderous ways of sea slugs, scientists have discovered a new way to catch a meal - a technique called kleptopredation. ... more
Evolutionary theory suggests aliens might not look all that alien
On TV and in the movies, aliens have been imagined a variety of strange forms - slimy, green, reptilian, insect-like, big-headed. ... more
'Monster' planet discovery challenges formation theory
A giant planet, which should not exist according to planet formation theory, has been discovered around a distant star. The new research is presented in a paper recently accepted for publication in ... more
Citizen scientist spots comet tails streaking past distant star
Citizen scientist Thomas Jacobs was the first to spot tell-tale signs that a comet was orbiting a distant star monitored by the Kepler Space Observatory. Professor Saul Rappaport (Massachusetts Inst ... more
One small doorstep for man: Cosmic mat welcomes aliens
It may look like an ordinary door mat, but its creators insist the conceptual art piece could encourage alien life to visit Earth - and help create a new kind of space archaeology. ... more
Comet mission reveals 'missing link' in our understanding of planet formation
span class="NL"> a href="" class="highlight">Royal Astronomical Society /a> br> /span> in our understanding of planet formation has been revealed by the first ever spacecra ... more
Astronomers discover sunscreen snow falling on hot exoplanet
Astronomers at Penn State have used the Hubble Space Telescope to find a blistering-hot giant planet outside our solar system where the atmosphere "snows" titanium dioxide - the active ingredient in ... more
Marine microbes living beneath seabed resort to cannibalism
In order to survive, marine microbes living buried beneath seabed sediments must resort to cannibalism, according to a new study. ... more

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New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds
New NASA research is helping to refine our understanding of candidate planets beyond our solar system that might support life. "Using a model that more realistically simulates atmospheric conditions ... more
From Comets Come Planets
Narrow dense rings of comets are coming together to form planets on the outskirts of at least three distant solar systems, astronomers have found in data from a pair of NASA telescopes. Estima ... more
A star that devoured its own planets
A devourer of worlds lurks around 350 light-years away. According to a recent study comparing the chemical composition of a pair of sunlike stars, one of the stars has consumed the rocky equivalent ... more
Astronomers find potential solution into how planets form
The quest to discover how planets found in the far reaches of the universe are born has taken a new, crucial twist. A new study by an international team of scientists, led by Stefan Kraus from ... more
Giant Exoplanet Hunters: Look for Debris Disks
There's no map showing all the billions of exoplanets hiding in our galaxy - they're so distant and faint compared to their stars, it's hard to find them. Now, astronomers hunting for new worlds hav ... more
New telescope attachment allows ground-based observations of new worlds
A new, low-cost attachment to telescopes allows previously unachievable precision in ground-based observations of exoplanets - planets beyond our solar system. With the new attachment, ground-based ... more
Are Self-Replicating Starships Practical
Science fiction has frequently considered self-replicating robots that travel across space, making copies of themselves as they spread throughout the galaxy. Such devices are formally known as "von ... more
Biomarker Found In Space Complicates Search For Life On Exoplanets
A molecule once thought to be a useful marker for life as we know it has been discovered around a young star and at a comet for the first time, suggesting these ingredients are inherited during the ... more
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