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July 10, 2017
NASA spacecraft to fly over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Miami (AFP) July 10, 2017
An unmanned NASA spacecraft is about to fly over a massive storm raging on Jupiter, in a long-awaited a journey that could shed new light on the forces driving the planet's Great Red Spot. The flyby of the Juno spacecraft, surveilling the 10,000-mile-wide (16,000-kilometer-wide) storm, is scheduled for 9:55 pm Monday (0155 GMT Tuesday). "Jupiter's mysterious Great Red Spot is probably the best-known feature of Jupiter," said Scott Bolton, principal investigator of Juno from the Southwest Researc ... read more

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New Mysteries Surround New Horizons' Next Flyby Target
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft doesn't zoom past its next science target until New Year's Day 2019, but the Kuiper Belt object, known as 2014 MU69, is already revealing surprises. Scientists have b ... more
NASA's Juno Spacecraft to Fly Over Jupiter's Great Red Spot July 10
Just days after celebrating its first anniversary in Jupiter orbit, NASA's Juno spacecraft will fly directly over Jupiter's Great Red Spot, the gas giant's iconic, 10,000-mile-wide (16,000-kilometer ... more
Mid-infrared images from the Subaru telescope extend Juno spacecraft discoveries
Subaru Telescope images reveal weather in Jupiter's atmosphere in the mid-infrared. Those images, taken multiple times over several months, support Juno spacecraft mission of National Aeronautics an ... more
Earth-based Views of Jupiter to Enhance Juno Flyby
Telescopes in Hawaii have obtained new images of Jupiter and its Great Red Spot, which will assist the first-ever close-up study of the Great Red Spot, planned for July 10. On that date, NASA's Juno ... more
Topsy-Turvy Motion Creates Light-Switch Effect at Uranus
More than 30 years after Voyager 2 sped past Uranus, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are using the spacecraft's data to learn more about the icy planet. Their new study suggests that Ura ... more
NASA Completes Study of Future 'Ice Giant' Mission Concepts
A NASA-led and NASA-sponsored study of potential future missions to the mysterious "ice giant" planets Uranus and Neptune has been released - the first in a series of mission studies NASA will condu ... more
The curious case of the warped Kuiper Belt
An unknown, unseen "planetary mass object" may lurk in the outer reaches of our solar system, according to new research on the orbits of minor planets to be published in the Astronomical Journal. Th ... more
King of the Gods: Jupiter Dated to Be Oldest Planet in the Solar System
A new study from an international team of astronomers has dated Jupiter for the first time, and their findings suggest that the Gas Giant is the oldest planet in the solar system. Dating a cel ... more

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New Horizons Team Digs into New Data on Next Flyby Target
It was the most technically-challenging and complex stellar occultation observation campaign ever attempted: At least 54 observing teams with dozens of telescopes dispatched across two continents, p ... more
Jupiters complex transient auroras
Combined observations from three spacecraft show that Jupiter's brightest auroral features recorded to date are powered by both the volcanic moon Io and interaction with the solar wind. At Ear ... more
A whole new Jupiter with first science results from Juno
arly science results from NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter portray the largest planet in our solar system as a complex, gigantic, turbulent world, with Earth-sized polar cyclones, plunging storm syste ... more
First results from Juno show cyclones and massive magnetism
On 27 August 2016, the Juno spacecraft made its first close pass around our solar system's largest planet, Jupiter, obtaining insights into its atmosphere and interior that challenge previous assump ... more
NASA's Juno probe forces 'rethink' on Jupiter
An unmanned NASA spaceship circling Jupiter has spotted massive cyclones at the gas giant's poles, revealing stunning new details about our solar system's largest planet, researchers said Thursday. ... more
First Juno Science Results Supported by University's Jupiter 'Forecast'
New observations about the extreme conditions of Jupiter's weather and magnetic fields by University of Leicester astronomers have contributed to the revelations and insights coming from the first c ... more
New Horizons Deploys Global Team for Rare Look at Next Flyby Target
On New Year's Day 2019, more than 4 billion miles from home, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will race past a small Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69 - making this rocky remnant of planetary form ... more
Hubble spots moon around third largest dwarf planet
The combined power of three space observatories, including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, has helped astronomers uncover a moon orbiting the third largest dwarf planet, catalogued as 2007 OR10. The ... more

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NASA asks science community for Europa Lander Instruments ideas
NASA is asking scientists to consider what would be the best instruments to include on a mission to land on Jupiter's icy moon, Europa. NASA Wednesday informed the science community to prepare ... more
Waves of lava seen in Io's largest volcanic crater
Taking advantage of a rare orbital alignment between two of Jupiter's moons, Io and Europa, researchers have obtained an exceptionally detailed map of the largest lava lake on Io, the most volcanica ... more
Not So Great Anymore: Jupiter's Red Spot Shrinks to Smallest Size Ever
Any third-grader can tell you about Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS), a titanic cyclone that has raged for centuries in Jupiter's atmosphere. It sticks out like a blemish on photos of the gas giant, a ... more
The PI's Perspective: No Sleeping Back on Earth!
Three weeks ago we put our New Horizons spacecraft into hibernation mode, the first time we'd done that since late 2014, before the Pluto flyby. By coincidence, that same day - April 7-was also the ... more
ALMA investigates 'DeeDee,' a distant, dim member of our solar system
Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have revealed extraordinary details about a recently discovered far-flung member of our solar system, the planetary body 20 ... more
Nap Time for New Horizons
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has eased into a long summer's nap, entering a hibernation phase on April 7 that will last until early September. Mission controllers at the Johns Hopkins University A ... more
Cold' Great Spot discovered on Jupiter
A second Great Spot has been discovered on Jupiter by astronomers, rivaling the scale of the planet's famous Great Red Spot and created by the powerful energies exerted by the great planet's polar a ... more
Hubble spots auroras on Uranus
This is a composite image of Uranus by Voyager 2 and two different observations made by Hubble - one for the ring and one for the auroras. Ever since Voyager 2 beamed home spectacular images of the ... more
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