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Pluto News, The Kuipers and Beyond
August 18, 2015
Scientists study nitrogen provision for Pluto's atmosphere
San Antonio TX (SPX) Aug 12, 2015
The latest data from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reveal diverse features on Pluto's surface and an atmosphere dominated by nitrogen gas. However, Pluto's small mass allows hundreds of tons of atmospheric nitrogen to escape into space each hour. So where does all this nitrogen come from? Dr. Kelsi Singer, a postdoctoral researcher at Southwest Research Institute, and her mentor Dr. Alan Stern, SwRI associate vice president and the science lead for the New Horizons mission, outlined likely source ... read more

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Flowing nitrogen ice glaciers seen on Pluto
New Horizons 'Captures' Two of Pluto's Smaller Moons
New Horizons Finds Second Mountain Range in Pluto's 'Heart'
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Young hopefuls in race to be first black African in space

ASU chosen to lead lunar CubeSat mission

Orion parachutes pass failure test

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TMA-18M Flight to Take Two Days

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10 year journey to Pluto achieves historic encounter
After a decade-long journey through our solar system, New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto Tuesday, about 7,750 miles above the surface - roughly the same distance from New York to Mumbai ... more
Mysterious icy plains glimpsed on Pluto's surface
Smooth, icy plains have been spotted on the surface of Pluto, in the latest images released Friday from a NASA spacecraft that flew by the dwarf planet this week. ... more
US spacecraft survives close encounter with Pluto
An unmanned NASA spacecraft whizzed by Pluto, beaming to scientists a message that it survived its historic encounter before sending back the closest look ever of the distant dwarf planet. ... more
US spacecraft sending back data for Pluto close-up
Scientists are receiving data that will offer the closest look ever of Pluto later Wednesday, after the unmanned NASA spacecraft whizzed by the distant dwarf planet. ... more
Charon's Surprising Youthful and Varied Terrain
Remarkable new details of Pluto's largest moon Charon are revealed in this image from New Horizons' Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI), taken late on July 13, 2015 from a distance of 289,000 m ... more
Multiple Discoveries from NASA's New Horizons Pluto Mission
Icy mountains on Pluto and a new, crisp view of its largest moon, Charon, are among the several discoveries announced Wednesday by the NASA's New Horizons team, just one day after the spacecraft's f ... more
Icy mountain ranges seen on Pluto after NASA flyby
Icy mountain ranges can be seen rising from Pluto's surface, according to the first close-up images released Wednesday from NASA's New Horizon's spacecraft after its historic of flyby of the dwarf planet. ... more
US spacecraft whizzes past Pluto in historic flyby
An unmanned NASA spacecraft whizzed by Pluto on Tuesday, making its closest approach in the climax of a decade-long journey to explore the dwarf planet for the first time, the US space agency said. ... more
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Last Portrait of Pluto's Puzzling Spots
Three billion miles from Earth and just two and a half million miles from Pluto, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has taken its best image of four dark spots that continue to captivate. The spot ... more
Houston, We Have Geology
It began as a point of light. Then, it evolved into a fuzzy orb. Now - in its latest portrait from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft - Pluto is being revealed as an intriguing new world with distinct s ... more
Student Dust Counter Provides Clues About Solar System
"We are stardust" is more than a lyric in a hit 1970's song. It's actually true. Our solar system began as flecks of star-created gas and dust that drew together to form our sun, the planets ... and ... more
NASA Missions Have Their Eyes Peeled on Pluto
What's icy, has "wobbly" potato-shaped moons, and is the world's best-known dwarf planet? The answer is Pluto, and NASA's New Horizons is speeding towards the edge of our solar system for a July 14 ... more
NASA craft discovers heart shape on Pluto as flyby nears
There's a near-perfect heart shape on Pluto's rusty red surface. The dwarf planet is dotted with bright points which may be ice caps, and a mysterious dark shape nicknamed "The Whale." ... more
Pluto Flyby Begins
After a more than nine-year, three-billion-mile journey to Pluto, it's showtime for NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, as the flyby sequence of science observations is officially underway. In the ... more
New Map of Pluto
This is the latest map of Pluto created from images taken from June 27 to July 3 by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) on New Horizons, combined with lower-resolution color data from the s ... more
Neptune's badly behaved magnetic field
Combining 26-year old data with supercomputer simulations, a team of scientists at Imperial College London have modelled Neptune's magnetic field in detail for the first time. The researchers find t ... more
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    Glitch sees NASA briefly lose touch with Pluto mission
    NASA briefly lost touch this weekend with an unmanned spacecraft on its way to a historic encounter with Pluto, but the US space agency said Monday the glitch has been fixed. ... more
    Ralph Is Ready for Historic Pluto Flyby
    The Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. Ralph camera aboard the New Horizons mission will provide the closest images we have ever seen of Pluto when the spacecraft arrives at the dwarf planet on J ... more
    In the Right Place at the Right Time for Pluto Observations
    In a special celestial event visible only from the Southern Hemisphere, Pluto passed directly between a distant star and the Earth on the morning of June 30, New Zealand time (June 29 in the U.S.). ... more
    New Horizons 'Speeds Up' on Final Approach to Pluto
    With just two weeks to go before its historic July 14 flight past Pluto, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft tapped the accelerator late last night and tweaked its path toward the Pluto system. The 23-se ... more
    NASA Met Unprecedented Challenges Sending Spacecraft to Pluto
    NASA's New Horizons mission presented challenges like no other, but its goal also was unprecedented. The spacecraft will soon begin a study of the farthest reaches of the solar system. It was an his ... more
    New Horizons Spacecraft Stays the Course to Pluto
    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is getting a final "all clear" as it speeds closer to its historic July 14 flyby of Pluto and the dwarf planet's five moons. After seven weeks of detailed search ... more
    Much variety on Pluto's Close Approach Hemisphere, and a Charon dark pole
    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft doesn't pass Pluto until July 14 - but the mission team is making new discoveries as the piano-sized probe bears down on the Pluto system. In a long series of images o ... more
    37 Years after Its Discovery, Pluto's Moon Charon Is Being Revealed
    In June 1978, U.S. Naval Observatory astronomer James Christy noticed something unusual. He was studying highly magnified photos of Pluto, and Pluto wasn't round. A small bump marred one side of blu ... more
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