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V-2 Based Canadian Arrow Rocket To Launch Manned Spaceflights In 2007

Illustration of Canadian Arrow.
London ON (SPX) Oct 05, 2005
Launch Complex 33 is the site of the first launch of a V-2 rocket in the US. No longer a weapon of war, it was used as an instrument of science to help the US gain experience in handling and firing large rockets.

Today Launch Complex 33 is a tourist attraction as the WSMR museum continues to preserve this important piece of space history for later generations.

"During our visit last Nov. to the WSMR we noticed they had a smaller rocket on the original V-2 launch pad at Complex 33. We were also informed by museum staff they would like an actual V-2 rocket on the stand as part of their upgrade of the display. Today however V-2 rockets are scarce and none are available to them," said PlanetSpace president and CEO Geoff Sheerin.

The WSMR museum was a great help to the Canadian Arrow engineering group in the early days of their project and Canadian Arrow has a debt of gratitude to the friendly and helpful people they met on the range.

The first launch of the Canadian Arrow rocket is scheduled for 2007. After subsequent flights of the rocket, decommission flight components will come available by 2008.

Since a Canadian Arrow rocket is based on the V-2 design, the tail and nose cone structures are identical to the original V-2 and will be assembled to produce a replica of the V-2 rocket.

PlanetSpace and Canadian Arrow officials will arrive at Launch Complex 33 on Oct. 6th 10:30 am with the full scale, 54ft long, engineering mockup of the Canadian Arrow rocket. They will publicly announce their commitment to donation a full scale V-2 replica in 2008 for use at Complex 33 launch pad.

"We cannot think of a better use for our flown rocket components than to help the museum build a monument to the first launches of the V-2 rocket in the pursuit of science," said Sheerin.

"White Sands missile range is the cradle of the US space and missile program, and it gives us great satisfaction to see the help provided to Canadian Arrow by the WSMR, come full circle, and provide a brand new display for their museum," said PlanetSpace Chairman Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria.

For clearance to attend the visit of the Canadian Arrow rocket at WSMR complex 33 on Oct 6th 10:30 am please contact Jim Eckles Public Affairs Office WSMR (505) 678-1134. To book a school tour, get directions, call Terrie Cornell (505) 678-8824.

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Canadian Arrow Has Received Permission To Launch From Cape Rich
London, Ontario (SPX) Jun 03, 2005
Canadian Arrow has been granted permission to use Cape Rich located on the tip of Canadian Forces Meaford Range and Training Area for rocket test flights. Cape Rich is an ideal location for launch and recovery in the fresh waters of Georgian Bay.