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NBC Signs Long-Term Service Agreement with SES Americom

Launched in 1996 at 103 W.L., AMERICOM-1 (AMC-1) was SES AMERICOM's first A2100 hybrid C and Ku-band satellite. Already home for several nationally and regionally delivered C-band cable services, AMC-1, and AMC-4 at 101 W.L., form Cable 2, the nation's newest premiere cable neighborhood. The close proximity of the two spacecraft permits both satellites to be received by a single ground antenna. AMC-1's Ku-band transponders serve a variety of broadcast, mobile, educational, private business and government applications.
Princeton NJ - Apr 06, 2004
SES Americom has signed a multi-year, multiple Ku-band transponder renewal agreement with NBC for satellite service on its AMC-1 spacecraft. NBC will use the transponders to distribute a wide range of network programming to more than 200 affiliated stations across the United States.

Also under the agreement, NBC News Channel has begun program delivery aboard AMC-9, expanding NBC's long and valued customer relationship with SES Americom that began with the launch of the satellite service innovator's first all Ku-band satellite back in the mid-1980s.

"The signing of this agreement solidifies our long-standing relationship with NBC; they were the first television network to use Ku-band services on a satellite we launched more than 15 years ago," said Carl Capista, vice president of media and entertainment services for SES Americom.

"The NBC television network, together with NBC News, constantly meets the challenge of offering audiences across America innovative news and entertainment programming each and every day, and SES Americom is proud to play an important role in delivering that compelling content."

"Reliability is the name of the game when it comes to the delivery of NBC's network programming to our affiliates nationwide," said John Wallace, executive vice president, broadcast and network operations for NBC. "We are fully confident in SES Americom'S ability and commitment to provide us with the highest quality satellite distribution services available."

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