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Russian Space Industry Recovers To 1993 Levels
Moscow - May 1, 2000 - Russia's space industry in 1999 recovered to a level last seen in the pre-crisis year 1993, before government contracts began to dry up, Yuri Koptev, head of the Russian Aerospace Agency (Rosaviakosmos), told reporters on Wednesday.

The sector has been growing at a rate of 22% a year over the last three years, Koptev said.

The state provides 36% of the financing for the sector. The remainder is received from foreign partners as payment for services.

Koptev said the most important achievement for the space sector over the last nine years was preservation of the Baikonur Space Center. That's 80% of the domestic space industry, he said.

The sector was also able to raise $3 billion in financing from foreign sources. It has created the legal base that allows Russian aerospace companies to operate on foreign markets, and they are now active in virtually all areas.

Koptev said he opposed the idea of merging all of Russia's various space agencies and organizations into major cross-sector organizations.

Previously an Industrial Ministry uniting 23 different sectors has been formed, only to be dismantled within a year as too unwieldy, he said.

Putin Claims Russian Space Industry Obligations Fully Met
Moscow (Interfax) April 18, 2000 - The Russian Security Council is likely to consider the development of the Russian space industry at one of its future meetings, Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin told Russian cosmonauts and managers of the Russian space industry last Wednesday.