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Air Force Gains Insight From First Space Wargame

With so many critical assets now in space, the US is starting to consider its vulnerabilities on the high frontier. Pictured here is a GPS bird that can be jammed with relatively low tech equipment
Schriever (AFPN) Jan. 29, 2001
The Space Warfare Center concluded the first of what may become a series of Air Force-sponsored wargames here, Jan. 26. The Schriever 2001 wargame, set in the 2017 timeframe, explored critical space issues in depth, and investigated the military utility of new space systems.

The wargame objectives centered on exploring the requirements for space control, exploring ways to counter advanced adversary space capabilities, and evaluating the enemy's ability to deny U.S. and allied space capabilities.

Although details of the actual scenario are classified, the wargame pits a friendly "Blue" force against a near space-peer adversary known as the "Red" force. "Red" has been threatening a smaller, neighboring "Brown" nation, and "Blue" intervenes on "Brown's" behalf.

"Schriever 2001 was an unqualified success due to the tremendous efforts of outstanding people," said Brig. Gen. Doug Richardson, Space Warfare Center commander.

"Colonel Ken Feldman, chief of my analysis and engineering branch, led wargame planning efforts. His job now is to analyze all the data we've obtained, and extract the 'golden nuggets' for future wargame planning. Fortunately, there's a lot of great information to work with."

"Several themes have already emerged from this year 2017 scenario," Richardson said. "To begin with, the game highlighted the vulnerability of space systems to attacks from 'Red' forces. Similarly, our dependence on commercial space systems, and its multidimensional, global implications, played heavily in this game."

The Space Warfare Center Analysis and Engineering Division led organization efforts for Schriever 2001. About 250 military and civilian space experts from around the country participated in the wargame. Schriever 2001 was conducted Jan. 22 to Jan. 26.

For an extended overview of these wargames see Space Is Playing Field For Newest War Game by Washington Post Correspondent By Thomas E. Ricks

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