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New Twist On Death Arrangements With DNA Genome Vault

coded for immortaility
Boulder City - Nov 19, 2003
Nevada-based ZORNEX Corporation has come up with a new twist to consider when making final arrangements. The company creates Personal (DNA) Genome Vaults, preserving the loved one's genetic strands inside a miniature pyramid with a 3-D memorial bust on top.

"We're really gung ho on this concept. The Personal (DNA) Genome Vault is the most scientifically advanced option available for individuals interested in the preservation of their remains," said Greg Zorn, founder and president of ZORNEX Corporation. "Our companion monuments are exquisite and state-of- the-art."

The cost to have a Personal (DNA) Genome Vault created is $2,430. The Personal (DNA) Genome Vault includes a 3-D mini-bust replica memorial that rests on a granite pyramid containing the genome vault with capsules. The entire memorial weighs 2.5 pounds, and is five inches high. It is available for indoor display only.

For individuals who choose to cremate their remains, ZORNEX has developed a Personal Cremains Monument ($6,830). A Personal Cremains Monument is a 3-D replica of the head, face and neck of the individual. The bust is eight inches high and created using a rich luminous resin that enhances facial details. Supporting the bust is a granite pyramid base that contains the individual's ashes.

Customers can choose from five colors of granite for the base; bust color choices are honey amber, clear, ivory-yellow, stone gray, black, and brown so that monuments can match home decor or the individual's personal style.

To enhance fellowship or religious services, ZORNEX builds a beautifully crafted wooden Mobile Altar ($820) in the image of a pallbearer's carriage. The Mobile Altar transports the individual's remains for a dignified procession out of a church, temple or public meeting place.

It is collapsible for easy placement in a vehicle if the bereaved do not hire a hearse. The Mobile Altar is made of select maple woods stained to match any home furnishings style within the house of the bereaved for a permanent display of the chosen memorial design.

Zorn believes caskets may soon be outdated and statistics bear out this opinion. According to recently published data by the Cremation Association of North America in 2001, 25% of the U.S. population chose cremation over traditional burial. Further trends indicate that by the year 2025, that percentage will double.*

"Until now, there have been basically five funeral choices for individuals," he commented. "Cryonics (freezing), purchasing real estate (a cemetery plot) plus a casket, hearse and limousine services, cremation with remains in an urn or cremation with scattering and finally, having the body rapped with cloth and buried. Prices range from $600 for a simple scattering burial to $25,000 for a cemetery plot, casket and related services."

"ZORNEX is the first company to offer a mid-range priced, forward-thinking and scientific method for retaining one's remains along with structures that the bereaved can have with them and incorporate into their home and daily lifestyle."

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