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GlobeTrac Offers New In-Vehicle GPS/GPRS System

The WebTech 5000 Locator is a feature-rich locator device at the heart of the Quadrant Vehicle Services System. Quadrant is a web-based system that provides web-based mapping and reporting to optimize fleet management. It drives four critical mobile application areas for fleets:
London (SPX) Jun 30, 2004
GlobeTrac Inc., the leading supplier of telematics and tracking services to the European market is pleased to announce, in conjunction with WebTech Wireless, the release of the WebTech 5000 locator that utilizes the global GSM/GPRS networks to enhance fleet management with access to real-time Vehicle Tracking, Internet Access, Messaging and Email, as well as Telemetry Monitoring applications.

The WebTech 5000 is designed to provide an in-vehicle data communications gateway and scalable application platform to equip industries such as field services, transportation and security with a real-time connection to their mobile workforce and assets.

The WebTech 5000 Locator provides functionality such as GPS reporting on a wide variety of triggers, Store and Forward Capability, Multiple Geofences, optional internal batteries for anti-theft/anti-tamper applications, and Internet Connectivity.

In addition, the WebTech 5000 features a smaller form factor, a GPS antenna disconnect alarm, and four standard telemetry ports (2 input / 2 output) housed in a new streamlined, rugged polycarbonate case, much smaller then many of its competitors.

"The WebTech 5000 Locator builds on the strong feature set of the WebTech 4000, while providing additional bandwidth capability for mobile workers in a very small and robust unit." Commented Cameron Fraser, Chief Technology Officer of WebTech Wireless.

"With the introduction of the WebTech 5000, the Locator Device Series provides a well rounded line for meeting a wide range of customer requirements."

"GlobeTrac Limited are looking forward to spearheading our expansion through Europe with the WT5000, its exceptional feature set combined with realistic pricing will see it grow rapidly in the European market", said Colin Albert Chief Operating Officer of GlobeTrac Limited.

"Our excitement appears to be justified as we are currently in negotiations to supply over 6000 of the new WT5000 units, something which would have not been possible without well priced proposition."

The WebTech 4000 will continue to address high-end and custom Telematics applications, as well as those requiring Voice and Satellite communications.

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