GPS To Get Internet Boost
Hsinchu City - January 20, 2000 - Computer Associates International and Taiwan's United Microelectronics have established EverTrac, a U.S.-based Corp. joint venture to develop a next-generation platform for GPS-based eBusiness and management applications. Imran Anwar has been appointed EverTrac's chief executive officer.

The EverTrac joint venture combines CA's expertise in mission-critical business computing with UMC's proficiency in wafer foundry and IC manufacturing services.

The company's resulting GPS platform will empower businesses with the technology needed to develop and deploy highly intelligent "location-aware" eBusiness applications that address a wide array of logistical challenges for which conventional GPS tools have proven insufficient.

Working closely with numerous GPS technology providers and vertical-market solutions experts, EverTrac will design GPS-based devices for eBusiness and consumer markets and deliver related services that enable real-time tracking of mobile resources in the context of their respective mission-critical roles.

For example, EverTrac technology could be used to develop lightweight security equipment that constantly monitors the whereabouts of children.

"We are pleased to join forces with UMC to develop critical technologies that aid businesses in maximizing their operational efficiencies and help consumers improve their safety and overall quality of life," said CA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charles B. Wang. "Under Imran's direction, EverTrac will play a major role in the delivery of key products and services for today's eBusiness-driven global marketplace."

Anwar has a proven track record of creating successful high-tech firms around the world and managing ground-breaking efforts in start-up environments.

He is best known for his pioneering role in establishing Internet e-mail services throughout Pakistan, as well as introducing eBusiness and Web-related technologies among Pakistani financial service companies, publishing firms and global media companies. Anwar is credited with having helped popularize the international branded credit card industry in that region.

He received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan, and an MBA from Columbia University in New York.

"Imran brings the ideal combination of innovative thinking, professional management skills, business vision and entrepreneurial zeal that will help EverTrac deliver the hardware, software and services necessary to drive this market," said Robert H.C. Tsao, chairman of UMC.

"With his understanding of business needs, high-technology and global strategy, Imran is very qualified to lead EverTrac in becoming the world's leading provider of complete GPS-based tracking and management systems."

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this highly important venture and leverage the respective capabilities and talents of both UMC and CA," said Anwar. "With a virtually unlimited collection of technical resources and superior minds, I am completely confident that EverTrac will become synonymous with superior GPS-based eBusiness solutions."

UMC, a world-leading semiconductor foundry with headquarters in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park, has nine wafer fabs (including seven eight-inch fabs) in operation.

  • United Microelectronics Corp
  • Computer Associates International

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