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China's President Attends Launch

China's President Jiang Zemin watched the successful launch of China's 'Shenzhou III' unmanned spacecraft Monday night at the Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center.
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  • Beijing - Mar 26, 2002
    People's Daily
    President Jiang Zemin watched the launch of spacecraft Monday night at the launch centre in Northwest China's Gansu Province.

    At the launch site, Jiang extended his congratulations to scientists and technologists, as well as servicemen of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

    After watching the lift-off, Jiang said the successful launch showed the Chinese people's spirit of constantly striving to become stronger.

    Jiang said the CPC Central Committee decided to carry out the manned space programme a decade ago.

    The Chinese-made "Long March" carrier rockets and "Shenzhou" spaceships represented the country's scientific and technological achievements, he said.

    China has established a spaceship application system, a state-of-the-art space launch site, a spaceship monitoring and controlling network and a spaceship landing system, as well as a group of astronauts, Jiang said.

    "The successful launches of three Shenzhou spaceships takes thecountry to new heights of space science and technology," Jiang said.

    Achievements in space science and technology would greatly spureconomic development, scientific advancement and the modernizationof national defense, Jiang said.

    Jiang encouraged the scientists and technologists to further upgrade the country's scientific and technological level and improve national might.

    Among those who accompanied Jiang Zemin at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center included Wu Bangguo, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice-premier, Zeng Qinghong, alternate member of the Political Bureau and memberof the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, Yu Yongbo, memberof the Central Military Commission and director of the PLA GeneralPolitical Department, and Cao Gangchuan, member of the Central Military Commission and director of the PLA General Armament Department.

    In November, 1999, Chinese President Jiang Zemin wrote the inscription "Shenzhou" for the country's first test spacecraft which successfully completed its flight.

    Source: People's Daily - unedited from PD's English translation.

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