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May 24, 2017
VLA reveals new object near supermassive black hole in famous galaxy
Charlottesville VA (SPX) May 24, 2017
Pointing the Very Large Array (VLA) at a famous galaxy for the first time in two decades, a team of astronomers got a big surprise, finding that a bright new object had appeared near the galaxy's core. The object, the scientists concluded, is either a very rare type of supernova explosion or, more likely, an outburst from a second supermassive black hole closely orbiting the galaxy's primary, central supermassive black hole. The astronomers observed Cygnus A, a well-known and often-studied galaxy ... read more

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Dream Chaser Spacecraft Passes Major Milestone

MIT researchers engineer shape-shifting food

NASA's Space Launch System Engine Testing Heats Up

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Model predicts presence of naked singularity in 4D space
A new computer model predicts the possibility of naked singularities in four-dimensional space, challenging Einstein's general theory of relativity. ... more
Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet
Astronomers with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) have created the first map of the large-scale structure of the universe based entirely on the positions of quasars. Quasars are the incredibly br ... more
Mapping supermassive black holes in the distant Universe
Astronomers have constructed the first map of the universe based on the positions of supermassive black holes, which reveals the large-scale structure of the universe. The map precisely measur ... more
Interaction between the atomic nucleus and the electron on trial
For the first time, a team of researchers under the leadership of TU Darmstadt and with the participation of scientists from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has succeeded in measurin ... more
Destruction of a quantum monopole observed
Scientists at Amherst College (USA) and Aalto University (Finland) have made the first experimental observations of the dynamics of isolated monopoles in quantum matter. The new study provided ... more
What drives the accelerating expansion of the universe
UBC physicists may have solved one of nature's great puzzles: what causes the accelerating expansion of our universe? PhD student Qingdi Wang has tackled this question in a new study that trie ... more
Unpolarized single-photon generation with true randomness from diamond
The Tohoku University research group of Professor Keiichi Edamatsu and Postdoctoral fellow Naofumi Abe has demonstrated dynamically and statically unpolarized single-photon generation using diamond. ... more
Elusive atomic motion captured by electron microscopy
The movement of atoms through a material can cause problems under certain circumstances. Atomic-resolution electron microscopy has enabled researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden to observe fo ... more

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Astronomers Pursue Renegade Supermassive Black Hole
Supermassive holes are generally stationary objects, sitting at the centers of most galaxies. However, using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, astronomers recently hun ... more
Discovery in the Early Universe Poses Black Hole Growth Puzzle
Within the heart of every massive galaxy lurks a supermassive black hole. How these black holes formed, and how they have grown to be as massive as millions or even billions of Suns, is an open ques ... more
'Fire-streaks' are created in collisions of atomic nuclei
At very high energies, the collision of massive atomic nuclei in an accelerator generates hundreds or even thousands of particles that undergo numerous interactions. At the Institute of Nuclear Phys ... more
Controlling charged molecules with quantum logic
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) physicists have solved the seemingly intractable puzzle of how to control the quantum properties of individual charged molecules, or molecular i ... more
Researchers develop transistors that can switch between 2 stable energy states
Engineers are unveiling an upgrade to the transistor laser that could be used to boost computer processor speeds - the formation of two stable energy states and the ability to switch between them qu ... more
Merging galaxies have enshrouded black holes
Black holes get a bad rap in popular culture for swallowing everything in their environments. In reality, stars, gas and dust can orbit black holes for long periods of time, until a major disruption ... more
Towards largest-possible separation between quantum and classical query complexities
Correlation functions are often employed to quantify the relationships among interdependent variables or sets of data. A few years ago, Aaronson and Ambainis proposed a property-testing problem call ... more
CCNY physicists demonstrate photonic hypercrystals for control of light-matter interaction
Control of light-matter interaction is central to fundamental phenomena and technologies such as photosynthesis, lasers, LEDs and solar cells. City College of New York researchers have now demonstra ... more

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Sandia develops math techniques to improve computational efficiency in quantum chemistry
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed new mathematical techniques to advance the study of molecules at the quantum level. Mathematical and algorithmic developments along t ... more
Physicists breeding Schroedinger cat states
Physicists have learned how they could breed Schrodinger cats in optics. CIFAR Quantum Information Science Fellow Alexander Lvovsky led the team of Russian Quantum Center and University of Calgary s ... more
Mapping the edge of reality
Australian and German researchers have collaborated to develop a genetic algorithm to confirm the rejection of classical notions of causality. Dr Alberto Peruzzo from RMIT University in Melbou ... more
Mathematical model of a TARDIS takes the 'fiction' out of science fiction
After some serious number crunching, a UBC researcher has come up with a mathematical model for a viable time machine. Ben Tippett, a mathematics and physics instructor at UBC's Okanagan campu ... more
Looking for the quantum frontier
A team of researchers from Australia and the UK have developed a new theoretical framework to identify computations that occupy the 'quantum frontier' - the boundary at which problems become impossi ... more
Perfect pitch: Scientists explore the mechanics of throwing
Professional baseball and basketball players make throwing look easy, whether it's a four-seamer on the outside corner or three-pointer from the corner. In fact, throwing a ball accurately at a target is one of the most complex athletic movements humans perform. ... more
First-ever direct observation of chiral currents in quantum Hall atomic simulation
Using an atomic quantum simulator, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have achieved the first-ever direct observation of chiral currents in the model topological insulator, ... more
Detector delivery marks another Euclid milestone
ESA's Euclid mission has passed another important milestone with the delivery of the first three state-of-the art detectors for the Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer instrument. Euclid ... more
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