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May 19, 2015
NSF and CERN sign new partnership for finding particles
Washington DC (SPX) May 14, 2015
A new agreement between the United States and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) will pave the way for renewed collaboration in particle physics, promising to yield new insights into fundamental particles and the nature of matter and our universe. The agreement, signed in a White House ceremony by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and CERN--the renowned European organization based in Geneva, Switzerland--will enable continued scientific discov ... read more

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UK to host biggest ever Soviet space show outside Russia

Xi tells Kerry: Pacific Ocean big enough for China and US

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Quantum-mechanical monopoles discovered
Researchers at Aalto University (Finland) and Amherst College (USA) have observed a point-like monopole in a quantum field itself for the first time. This discovery connects to important characteris ... more
Zooming in on an individual orbiting electron
The microwave oven has been around for almost 80 years. When it heats food or liquid, the frequency of electrons increases but their energy slows down due to their own microwave emissions. Until now ... more
AKARI far-infrared all-sky data released
The AKARI space telescope's far-infrared all-sky image data are now available to researchers everywhere. The new all-sky maps have four to five times better spatial resolution than conventional far- ... more
Bringing high-energy particle detection in from the cold
Radiation detectors, which monitor high-energy particles such as those produced by nuclear decay and cosmic radiation, are being used increasingly in medical imaging, petroleum well logging, astrono ... more
Attosecond physics: A new gateway to the microcosmos
Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet (LMU) in Munich physicists at the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics have developed a new laser-light source that will lead to significant advances in research on fund ... more
Quantum mechanical helium trio
In 1970, Vitaly Efimov analysed a three-body quantum system in which the attraction between two bodies reduced such that they become unbound. His prediction was that instead of breaking up, the mole ... more
Game theory elucidates the collective behavior of bosons
Quantum particles behave in strange ways and are often difficult to study experimentally. Using mathematical methods drawn from game theory, physicists of Ludwig-Maximilias-Universitaet (LMU) in Mun ... more
Cyclotron radiation from single electrons measured directly for first time
A year before Albert Einstein came up with the special theory of relativity, or E=mc2, physicists predicted the existence of something else: cyclotron radiation. Scientists predicted this radiation ... more
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Towards the realization of a global neutrino infrastructure
The agency1 representatives and laboratory directors2 gathered at the 2nd International Meeting on Large Neutrino Infrastructures3 hosted at Fermilab on 20-21 April 2015, reiterated their firm belie ... more
NASA's Chandra Suggests Black Holes Gorging at Excessive Rates
A group of unusual giant black holes may be consuming excessive amounts of matter, according to a new study using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This finding may help astronomers understand how t ... more
Ultra-sensitive sensor detects individual electrons
A Spanish-led team of European researchers at the University of Cambridge has created an electronic device so accurate that it can detect the charge of a single electron in less than one microsecond ... more
First proton collisions should start in early June
First collisions of protons at the world's largest science experiment are expected to start the first or second week of June, according to a senior research scientist with CERN's Large Hadron Collid ... more
Astrophysicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe
Astrophysicists have created a 3D map of the universe that spans nearly two billion light years and is the most complete picture of our cosmic neighbourhood to date. The spherical map of galaxy supe ... more
Is the universe a hologram
At first glance, there is not the slightest doubt: to us, the universe looks three dimensional. But one of the most fruitful theories of theoretical physics in the last two decades is challenging th ... more
Deep Space Atomic Clock On Time For 2016 Mission
As the saying goes, timing is everything. More so in 21st-century space exploration where navigating spacecraft precisely to far-flung destinations - say, to Mars or even more distant Europa, a moon ... more
ORNL reports method that takes quantum sensing to new level
Thermal imaging, microscopy and ultra-trace sensing could take a quantum leap with a technique developed by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. "Quite simp ... more
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    Virtual Telescope Expands to See Black Holes
    A team led by the UA has added Antarctica's largest astronomical telescope to the Event Horizon Telescope - a virtual telescope as big as planet Earth - bringing the international EHT collaboration ... more
    JILA strontium atomic clock sets new records
    In another advance at the far frontiers of timekeeping by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers, the latest modification of a record-setting strontium atomic clock has ac ... more
    Pulsing light may indicate supermassive black hole merger
    As two galaxies enter the final stages of merging, scientists have theorized that the galaxies' supermassive black holes will form a "binary," or two black holes in such close orbit they are gravita ... more
    "Comb" detects terahertz waves with extreme precision
    Light can come in many frequencies, only a small fraction of which can be seen by humans. Between the invisible low-frequency radio waves used by cell phones and the high frequencies associated with ... more
    ICARUS neutrino experiment to move to Fermilab
    A group of scientists led by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia will transport the world's largest liquid-argon neutrino detector across the Atlantic Ocean to its new home at the U.S. Department of Energy' ... more
    Black hole hunters tackle a cosmic conundrum
    Dartmouth astrophysicists and their colleagues have not only proven that a supermassive black hole exists in a place where it isn't supposed to be, but in doing so have opened a new door to what thi ... more
    Quantum model reveals surface structure of water
    The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK's National Measurement Institute in collaboration with IBM and the University of Edinburgh, has used a new quantum model to reveal the molecular struct ... more
    A cold cosmic mystery solved
    In 2004, astronomers examining a map of the radiation leftover from the Big Bang (the cosmic microwave background, or CMB) discovered the Cold Spot, a larger-than-expected unusually cold area of the ... more
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