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July 13, 2017
Juno spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 13, 2017
Images of Jupiter's Great Red Spot reveal a tangle of dark, veinous clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval. The JunoCam imager aboard NASA's Juno mission snapped pics of the most iconic feature of the solar system's largest planetary inhabitant during its Monday (July 10) flyby. The images of the Great Red Spot were downlinked from the spacecraft's memory on Tuesday and placed on the mission's JunoCam website Wednesday morning. "For hundreds of years scientists have been observing ... read more

New evidence in support of the Planet Nine hypothesis
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Jul 13, 2017
Last year, the existence of an unknown planet in our Solar system was announced. However, this hypothesis was subsequently called into question as biases in the observational data were detected. ... more
Curiosity Mars Rover Begins Study of Ridge Destination
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 13, 2017
The car-size NASA rover on a Martian mountain, Curiosity, has begun its long-anticipated study of an iron-bearing ridge forming a distinctive layer on the mountain's slope. Since before Curios ... more
Chandra Peers Into a Nurturing Cloud
Boston MA (SPX) Jul 13, 2017
In the context of space, the term 'cloud' can mean something rather different from the fluffy white collections of water in the sky or a way to store data or process information. Giant molecular clo ... more
The BepiColombo spacecraft is ready to solve the many mysteries of Mercury
London, UK (The Conversation) Jul 13, 2017
The 1.65 billion euro BepiColombo spacecraft is now being unstacked for final tests after being displayed in its launch configuration to the world's press at the European Space Agency's Space Techno ... more
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DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Nuclear Plant Digitalization Conference -November 2017, Charlotte, NC USA
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory sees sunspot turn toward Earth
Washington (UPI) Jul 11, 2017
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space probe dedicated to the study of the sun, has captured footage of a sunspot rotating towards Earth. ... more
PPPL researchers demonstrate first hot plasma edge in a fusion facility
Plainsboro NJ (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Two major issues confronting magnetic-confinement fusion energy are enabling the walls of devices that house fusion reactions to survive bombardment by energetic particles, and improving confinement ... more
Long Duration Experiments Reach 1,000th Day
London, Uk (Spx) Jul 07, 2017
The first experiment placed on Diamond's Long Duration Experimental (LDE) facility, on beamline I11, has now been in place for 1,000 days. The experiment, led by Dr Claire Corkhill from the Universi ... more
Big, shape-shifting animals from the dawn of time
Cambridge UK (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Why did life on Earth change from small to large when it did? Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have determined how some of the first large organisms ... more
Crystals help volcanoes cope with pressure
Fairbanks AK (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers have discovered that volcanoes have a unique way of dealing with pressure - through crystals. According to a new study published in the Journal of Geology, ... more
Hypersonic Travel Possibility Heats Up Massively After New Material Discovery
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 10, 2017
Researchers at The University of Manchester, in collaboration with Central South University (CSU), China, have created an innovative ceramic coating that could revolutionize hypersonic travel - for ... more

'Near-zero-power' temperature sensor could make wearables, smart devices less power-hungry

Highly nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped carbon microspheres for supercapacitors
Beijing, China (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Among various kinds of electrode materials for supercapacitors, carbon-based materials are most commonly used because of their commercially available and cheap, and they can be produced with large s ... more
Molecular electronics scientists shatter 'impossible' record
Orlando FL (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
An international research team that includes University of Central Florida Professor Enrique del Barco, Damien Thompson of the University of Limerick and Christian A. Nijhuis of the National Univers ... more
Giant enhancement of electromagnetic waves revealed within small dielectric particles
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Scientists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University together with their Russian and foreign colleagues have done for the first time direct measurements of giant electromagnetic fields, emerging in ... more
Iron secrets behind superconductors unlocked
Copenhagen, Denmark (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Due to magnetism iron should - theoretically - be a poor superconductor. Nevertheless certain ironbased materials possess fine superconducting properties. Why? Because the five unbound electrons fou ... more

Creating Trends in Space: An Interview with NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Jul 11, 2017
Founded in 2009, the Houston, Texas-based company NanoRacks LLC provides commercial hardware and services onboard the International Space Station (ISS) for government and commercial customers. To date, the firm has sent more than 550 payloads from over 30 countries to ISS, creating trends in commercial hardware in space. In an interview with, Jeffrey Manber, the founder and CEO of ... more
Paris (ESA) Jul 10, 2017
Counting calories in space
Cape Canaveral (AFP) July 9, 2017
Trump offers bold space goals but fills in few details
Cape Canaveral (AFP) July 9, 2017
Liftoff for Trump's bold space plans may have to wait
Hypersonic Travel Possibility Heats Up Massively After New Material Discovery
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 10, 2017
Researchers at The University of Manchester, in collaboration with Central South University (CSU), China, have created an innovative ceramic coating that could revolutionize hypersonic travel - for defense, space and even air travel purposes. Hypersonic travel is defined as moving at Mach five or above - at least five times faster than the speed of sound. While a historic aspiration of avi ... more
Sacramento CA (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Aerojet Rocketdyne tests Advanced Electric Propulsion System
Moscow (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
Russia to Carry Out Five Launches From Vostochny Space Center in 2018
Cape Canaveral (AFP) July 5, 2017
After two delays, SpaceX launches broadband satellite for IntelSat
Curiosity Mars Rover Begins Study of Ridge Destination
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 13, 2017
The car-size NASA rover on a Martian mountain, Curiosity, has begun its long-anticipated study of an iron-bearing ridge forming a distinctive layer on the mountain's slope. Since before Curiosity's landing five years ago next month, this feature has been recognized as one of four unique terrains on lower Mount Sharp and therefore a key mission destination. Curiosity's science team informal ... more
Paris (AFP) July 6, 2017
Mars surface 'more uninhabitable' than thought: study
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 03, 2017
Mars Rover Opportunity continuing science campaign at Perseverance Valley
Washington (UPI) Jun 29, 2017
The Niagara Falls of Mars once flowed with lava
China develops sea launches to boost space commerce
Beijing (XNA) Jul 10, 2017
China has a clear plan to provide sea launches for commercial payloads to be carried by Long March rockets, according to an aerospace official. Tang Yagang, vice head of the aerospace division of the No.1 institute of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC), said that the technology is not difficult and a sea launch platform can be built based on modifying 10,000-ton ... more
Beijing (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese Rocket Fizzles Out, Puts Other Launches on Hold
Beijing (XNA) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese satellite Zhongxing-9A enters preset orbit
Beijing (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
Chinese Space Program: From Setback, to Manned Flights, to the Moon
HTS Capacity Lease Revenues to Reach More Than $6 Billion by 2025
Paris, France (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
According to Euroconsult's latest report, High Throughput Satellites: Vertical Market Analysis and Forecasts, the total committed investment from the 30 satellite operators in HTS systems has reached nearly $19 billion. Compared to the 36 launches of GEO-HTS systems over the past decade, another ~100 GEO-HTS systems are expected to launch from 2017 to 2025, at an average of 11 launches per ... more
Luxembourg (SPX) Jun 21, 2017
SES Transfers Capacity from AMC-9 Satellite Following Significant Anomaly
McLean, VA (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
Second launch doubles number of Iridium NEXT satellites in orbit to 20
Toulouse, France (SPX) Jun 28, 2017
OneWeb inaugurates production line Assembly, Integration, and Test of OneWeb satellites
WVU to develop software for future NASA Mars rovers, test 3-D printed foams on ISS
Morgantown WV (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
The technology developed by researchers at West Virginia University that helped them win the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge may be headed to Mars. Majid Jaridi, professor of industrial and management systems engineering, and Yu Gu, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, have received a three-year, $750,000 grant from NASA to develop ways to increase the onboard autonomy ... more
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Giant enhancement of electromagnetic waves revealed within small dielectric particles
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
ANU invention may help to protect astronauts from radiation in space
Huntsville AL (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
6 teams share honors and money in NASA's 2nd 3-D Print a Habitat challenge
DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
Evidence discovered for two distinct giant planet populations
Lisbon, Portugal (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
In a paper highlighted by Astronomy and Astrophysics journal, a team2 of researchers from the Instituto de Astrofisica e Ciencias do Espaco (IA3) discovered observational evidence for the existence of two distinct populations of giant planets. So far, more than 3500 planets have been detected orbiting solar type stars. Although recent results suggest that most planets in our Galaxy are roc ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 12, 2017
Hidden Stars May Make Planets Appear Smaller
Tucson AZ (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Astronomers Track the Birth of a 'Super-Earth'
Cambridge UK (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Big, shape-shifting animals from the dawn of time
NASA spacecraft to fly over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Miami (AFP) July 10, 2017
An unmanned NASA spacecraft is about to fly over a massive storm raging on Jupiter, in a long-awaited a journey that could shed new light on the forces driving the planet's Great Red Spot. The flyby of the Juno spacecraft, surveilling the 10,000-mile-wide (16,000-kilometer-wide) storm, is scheduled for 9:55 pm Monday (0155 GMT Tuesday). "Jupiter's mysterious Great Red Spot is probably th ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 12, 2017
Juno Completes Flyby over Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Pasadena CA (JPL) Jul 13, 2017
Juno spots Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Jul 13, 2017
New evidence in support of the Planet Nine hypothesis
From dry to wet: Rainfall might abruptly increase in Africa's Sahel
Potsdam, Germany (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Climate change could turn one of Africa's driest regions into a very wet one by suddenly switching on a Monsoon circulation. For the first time, scientists find evidence in computer simulations for a possible abrupt change to heavy seasonal rainfall in the Sahel, a region that so far has been characterized by extreme dryness. They detect a self-amplifying mechanism which might kick-in beyo ... more
Stockholm, Sweden (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Strengthening of West African Monsoon during Green Sahara period may have affected ENSO
Columbus OH (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Scientists make 'squarest' ice crystals ever
Warwick UK (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Bacteria collaborate to propel the ocean 'engine'
Orbital Alliance Techsystems receives contract for GPS artillery
Washington (UPI) Jul 7, 2017
Orbital Alliance Techsystems Operations has been awarded a $53.6 million modification to an existing contract for procurement of M1156 presicion-guidance kits, the Department of Defense announced on Thursday. The modification will provide PGKs for converting standard Army unguided 155mm artillery shells into GPS-guided munitions used by conventional artillery. Work will be perfor ... more
New Delhi (Sputnik) Jul 07, 2017
India Plans to Roll Out National GPS Next Year
Paris (AFP) July 4, 2017
Europe's Galileo satnav identifies problems behind failing clocks
Paris (AFP) June 22, 2017
New orbiters for Europe's Galileo satnav system
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
How to rescue a Moonwalker in need
Paris (ESA) Jul 07, 2017
During a simulated space mission underwater last week, ESA tested an ingenious concept to bring astronauts safely back to base if they are incapacitated during lunar exploration. Four 'aquanauts', including ESA astronaut Pedro Duque and NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren, took part in NASA's 22nd Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO-22) mission, spending 10 days in the Aquarius habitat ... more
Tokyo (Sputnik) Jun 29, 2017
Japanese Space Agency Proposes Plan to Send Astronauts to Moon
Tokyo (AFP) June 30, 2017
Japan reveals plans to put a man on moon by 2030
Moscow (Sputnik) Jun 16, 2017
Russian aerospace firm to cooperate with China on Lunar exploration missions
Pitted Materials in Craters Could Indicate Buried Ice on Asteroids
Tucson, AZ (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Pitted terrains inside fresh complex craters on Ceres are similar to terrains seen Mars and Vesta, and are likely formed through the rapid evaporation of subsurface H2O, a new paper by Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist Hanna G. Sizemore says. "Pitted terrains may be common morphological markers of volatile-rich near-surface material in the asteroid belt," Sizemore said. ... more
Orlando FL (SPX) Jul 06, 2017
Bizarro comet challenging researchers
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
NASA'S First Asteroid Deflection Mission Enters Next Design Phase
Paris (AFP) June 28, 2017
Are asteroids humanity's 'greatest challenge'?
Can satellites be used as an early warning system for landslides
Newcastle UK (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Researchers are using satellite data to accurately map the movement of the earth before a landslide in a bid to develop a life-saving early warning system. The team from Newcastle University (UK), Chengdu University of Technology, Tongji University, China Academy of Space Technology and Wuhan University (China) have been tracking the devastating events of last week when a massive landslide ... more
Corvallis OR (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Study finds Earth's magnetic field 'simpler than we thought'
Paris (ESA) Jul 07, 2017
See our seasons change from space
Boston MA (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Computer vision techniques shed light on urban change
Improved representation of solar variability in climate models
Kiel, Germany (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
How much do solar cycle variations influence our climate system? Could the rising Earth temperatures due to anthropogenic effects partly be compensated by a reduction of solar forcing in the future? These questions have been in the focus of climate research for a long time. In order to answer these questions as precisely as possible, it is required to know the fluctuations of solar forcing ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 11, 2017
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory sees sunspot turn toward Earth
Hull UK (SPX) Jul 06, 2017
Musical Sun Reduces Range of Magnetic Activity
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Jul 06, 2017
Scientists uncover origins of the Sun's swirling spicules
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Fastest stars in the Milky Way are 'runaways' from another galaxy
Cambridge UK (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
A group of astronomers have shown that the fastest-moving stars in our galaxy - which are travelling so fast that they can escape the Milky Way - are in fact runaways from a much smaller galaxy in orbit around our own. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, used data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and computer simulations to demonstrate that these stellar sprinters originate ... more
Cambridge, UK (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Smallest-Ever Star Discovered by Astronomers
Garching, Germany (SPX) Jul 12, 2017
Australia Enters Strategic Partnership with European Southern Observatory
Charlottesville VA (SPX) Jul 11, 2017
Heart of an exploded star observed in 3-D
A future without fakes thanks to quantum technology
Lancaster UK (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Counterfeit products are a huge problem - from medicines to car parts, fake technology costs lives. Every year, imports of counterfeited and pirated goods around the world cost nearly US $0.5 trillion in lost revenue. Counterfeit medicines alone cost the industry over US $200 billion every year. They are also dangerous to our health - around a third contain no active ingredients, res ... more
Washington (UPI) Jul 11, 2017
China teleports quantum information to space, a first
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Jul 10, 2017
Neutrons detect elusive Higgs amplitude mode in quantum material
Stanford CA (SPX) Jul 07, 2017
Scientists get first direct look at how electrons 'dance' with vibrating atoms

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