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March 08, 2013
A Naked-Eye Comet Invites Itself To The March Sky, 2013
Paris, France (SPX) Mar 08, 2013
It will appear in the west at sunset, from around the 8th to the 13th of March 2013, and will be visible to the naked eye up to the end of the month: comet Pan-STARRS C/2011 L4 will traverse Cetus, Pisces, Pegasus and Andromeda. The scientists of the Paris Observatory are calculating its path. They have been following it since September 2012, using the large Nancay radio telescope (in the Cher region of France), the Herschel infrared space observatory, at the Pic-du-Midi Observatory (in the Pyrene ... read more
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China targeting navigation system's global coverage by 2020
China's homegrown navigation system BeiDou is expected to achieve full-scale global coverage by around 2020, a leading scientist told Xinhua on Sunday. The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System ( ... more

LSU researchers find new information about 'Snowball Earth' period
It is rather difficult to imagine, but approximately 635 million years ago, ice may have covered a vast portion of our planet in an event called "Snowball Earth." According to the Snowball Ear ... more

Waves Generated by Russian Meteor Recorded Crossing the US
A network of seismographic stations recorded spectacular signals from the blast waves of the meteor that landed near Chelyabinsk, Russia, as the waves crossed the United States. The National S ... more
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Russian GLONASS space satellite group again at full strength
The Russian orbital navigation group GLONASS has again reached its full strength, which provides for sending its signal to any place on the earth, according to the website of the Roskosmos informati ... more


How to Thrive in Battery Acid and Among Toxic Metals
In the movie Alien, the title character is an extraterrestrial creature that can survive brutal heat and resist the effects of toxins. In real life, organisms with similar traits exist, such as the ... more
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China's fourth space launch center to be in use in two years
China's fourth launch center, located in tropical island province of Hainan, will be ready for space launch in two years, said a member of China's top political advisory body. The launch cente ... more

Satellite SAR capabilities being enhanced
An advanced satellite payload for Cospas-Sarsat, the global search-and-rescue system, is to be developed by Canada's COM DEV International Ltd. ... more
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Iran nuclear talks race towards deadline

Europe resumes Galileo satnav deployment

What an Iran nuclear deal could look like

When SWU met LEU: The Iran nuclear talks jargon A-to-Z

Philippines hits back at Beijing over South China Sea

Taiwan leader backs joining China-led infrastructure bank

Wanted - Automated Lookouts for Unmanned Surface Vessels


Vortex loops could untie knotty physics problems
University of Chicago physicists have succeeded in creating a vortex knot-a feat akin to tying a smoke ring into a knot. Linked and knotted vortex loops have existed in theory for more than a centur ... more

Mars rover 'sleeping' through solar storm
NASA says the computers on its Mars rover Curiosity have been put to sleep to wait out a solar storm bombarding the Red Planet. ... more

'True grit' erodes assumptions about evolution
Dining on field grasses would be ruinous to human teeth, but mammals such as horses, rhinos and gazelles evolved long, strong teeth that are up to the task. New research led by the University of Was ... more
Turn key solar systems for domestic and commercial installations
Solar systems for home and business installations

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Training Space Professionals Since 1970

e2v image sensors launched into space on board NEOSSat
On 25 February 2013, e2v high performance imaging sensors were launched into space on board NEOSSat, a Canadian microsatellite mission to discover and determine orbits of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) t ... more

'Goody Bag' Filled With Sample Processing Supplies Arrives on Station
A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft has delivered a "goody bag" to the crew aboard the International Space Station. But it's not filled with treats. This goody bag - called the Wet Lab Kit - is loaded with ... more
24/7 News Coverage
Future US Navy: robotic sub-hunters, deepsea pods

Did monkey business shape human society?

Vietnam rice boom heaping pressure on farmers, environment

Lightning injures 52 at Ecuador traffic police school

Manganese speeds up honey bees

Ocean acidification mayhamper tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean

Flooding in Chilean desert region kills six


Iowa State developing ideas to save the Earth from asteroids
Bong Wie has heard the snickers. You want to protect the Earth from asteroids? Where were you when the dinosaurs needed you? You want to be like Bruce Willis in that asteroid movie? Wie has a ... more

Water dimers detected in atmospheric conditions
Physicists in Russia are the first to detect water dimers - bonded pairs of gaseous water molecules - in conditions similar to Earth's atmosphere. Such dimers have been predicted to have important e ... more

Paintballs to deflect killer-asteroids
In the wake of last month's meteorite explosion in Russia's Chelyabinsk, it has become increasingly clear that, if humanity is not to follow the dinosaurs into oblivion, it has to find a way to defl ... more
China to use modified rocket for moon landing mission

Water On The Moon: It's Been There All Along

Building a lunar base with 3D printing

Mars rover 'sleeping' through solar storm

Curiosity Rover's Recovery on Track

NASA's Curiosity rover to be back online next week

NASA Launches Website to Design Interplanetary Missions

How to predict the progress of technology

Shadows over data sharing

China's fourth space launch center to be in use in two years

China to launch new manned spacecraft

Woman expected again to join next China crew roster


Curtains down for the black hole firewall paradox
Research by scientists at the University of York has revealed new insights into the life and death of black holes. Their findings dispel the so-called firewall paradox which shocked the physic ... more

Iowa Meteorite Crater Confirmed
Recent airborne geophysical surveys near Decorah, Iowa are providing an unprecedented look at a 470- million-year-old meteorite crater concealed beneath bedrock and sediments. The aerial surve ... more

USAF Awards Lockheed Martin Contract for Next Set of Infrared Surveillance Satellites
The U.S. Air Force has awarded Lockheed Martin a $284.4 million fixed-price contract to procure long lead parts for the fifth and sixth Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites in the Space Based ... more

Europe presses ahead on UAS development
Despite constrained economic conditions, the U.S. and global market for unmanned aerial systems is forecast to experience strong growth over the next 10 years. ... more
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    Raytheon delivers first Standard Missile-6 from new Alabama missile integration facility


    Brown unveils novel wireless brain sensor


    Atoms with Quantum-Memory


    Volcanic aerosols, not pollutants, tamped down recent Earth warming


    Neutron scattering provides data on adsorption of ions in microporous materials


    Ancient micro-continent under the Indian Ocean identified


    Mineral diversity clue to early Earth chemistry


    Saharan and Asian Dust, Biological Particles End Global Journey in California


    Twin CU-Boulder instruments reveal a third radiation belt can wrap around Earth


    What Lies Beneath: NASA Antarctic Sub Goes Subglacial

    Big data: Searching in large amounts of data quickly and efficiently

    Lockheed Martin Receives Long Range Anti-Ship Missile Contract From DARPA

    Physicists demonstrate the acceleration of electrons by a laser in a vacuum

    Russia finds 'new bacteria' in Antarctic lake

    New technique could improve optical devices

    NASA Launches Website to Design Interplanetary Missions

    Mysterious electron stash found hidden among Van Allen belts

    Cassini Spies Bright Venus From Saturn Orbit

    UK's TechDemoSat-1 to launch Q3 2013

    Keck Observatory Completes $4 Million Adaptive Optics Fund

    Ancient meteorite impact in Iowa studied

    Russia to send woman to space in 2014

    Evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth

    Modeling Jupiter and Saturn's possible origins

    Curiosity Rover's Recovery on Track

    MEXSAT Bicentenario Satellite Completes On-orbit Testing

    Gravitational Lens Creates Cartoon of Space Invader

    US ready to compromise with Russia on battlefield nuclear arms

    Russia will continue building up its defenses

    Second F-35 For The Netherlands Rolls Out Of F-35 Production Facility

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