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February 24, 2013
Sweeping the Dust from a Cosmic Lobster
Munich, Germany (SPX) Feb 25, 2013
A new image from ESO's VISTA telescope captures a celestial landscape of glowing clouds of gas and tendrils of dust surrounding hot young stars. This infrared view reveals the stellar nursery known as NGC 6357 in a surprising new light. It was taken as part of a VISTA survey that is currently scanning the Milky Way in a bid to map our galaxy's structure and explain how it formed. Located around 8000 light-years away in the constellation of Scorpius (The Scorpion), NGC 6357 - sometimes nicknamed th ... read more
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Educator Teams Fly On NASA Sofia Airborne Observatory
The first four Airborne Astronomy Ambassador (AAA) educators returned safely to Earth, landing in Palmdale, Calif. early in the morning Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, after completing their initial fligh ... more

Hubble Sees Cosmic "Flying V" of Merging Galaxies
This large "flying V" is actually two distinct objects - a pair of interacting galaxies known as IC 2184. Both the galaxies are seen almost edge-on in the large, faint northern constellation of Came ... more

NASA's Fermi Proves Supernova Remnants Produce Cosmic Rays
A new study using observations from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope reveals the first clear-cut evidence the expanding debris of exploded stars produces some of the fastest-moving matter in t ... more
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Webb Instruments
American manufacturing is critical to the development of NASA's scientific instruments, satellites and telescopes - specifically the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope, often referred to as J ... more


Cassini Still Going Strong Investigating Saturn's Moons
NASA's longstanding Cassini mission to Saturn continues to provide scientists with exciting new insights on moons Titan and Enceladus as well as the planet's striking rings, Planetary Science Instit ... more
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Radio Telescope, GPS Use Ionosphere to Detect Nuclear Tests
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory radio astronomer, Joseph Helmboldt, Ph.D., and researchers at Ohio State University Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering analyzed radio telesco ... more

JLENS demonstrates tactical ballistic missile defense capability
Enemy tactical ballistic missiles may soon be easier to detect and track. During a series of recent tests, a Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) JLENS demonstrated tactical ballistic missile defense (TBMD) ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Kim vows to 'win victory in the showdown' with US

US urges talks with North Korea 'without preconditions'

Don't sleepwalk into war over N. Korea, warns UN boss

Jet-powered drone tested by BAE Systems

Dutch police ground drone-fighting eagles

Lockheed Martin tapped to provide cyber security support

US to send cyber soldiers to the battlefield; 3 plead guilty in botnet attack


Russia plans to increase its space market
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Russia plans to increase its share of the global "space service market" from its current 10 percent to 15 percent. ... more

Rare asteroid sporting 'tail' spotted
Asteroids, unlike comets, are seldom seen sporting a tail as they orbit the sun, but Spanish astronomers say they've observed one of these rare exceptions. ... more

Canada to launch nano-satellites
Canadian space program officials say the planned launch of two lunch box-sized satellites show "you can do really exciting things in space" on a small budget. ... more
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India plans mission to Mars in 2013
India said on Thursday it will send a $70 million space mission to Mars this year to study the red planet's atmosphere. ... more

Countdown begins for Indo-French satellite launch
A countdown began Saturday for next week's launch of an Indian rocket that will carry seven satellites into orbit, including an Indo-French venture for studying the world's oceans, India's space agency said. ... more
24/7 News Coverage
How much can 252-million-year-old ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot

The origin of the Andes unraveled

Extreme fieldwork, climate modeling yields new insight into predicting Greenland's melt

'Smoke rings' in the ocean spotted from space

Tiny ice losses at Antarctica's fringes can accelerate ice loss far away

World-first uses satellites and ocean models to explain Antarctic seafloor biodiversity

3-D printed microfibers could provide structure for artificially grown body parts


Time for Europe to beef up asteroid vigilance: ESA
Europe must strengthen its watch for dangerous space rocks, the head of the European Space Agency's asteroid surveillance programme said Thursday, a week after a meteor struck Russia in a blinding fireball. ... more

Supersonic skydiver's records confirmed
Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke three world records when he jumped from the edge of space in October, the World Air Sports Federation confirmed on Friday. ... more

A war without end with Earth's carbon cycle held in the balance
The greatest battle in Earth's history has been going on for hundreds of millions of years, isn't over yet, and until now no one knew it existed, scientists report in the journal Nature. In on ... more
Water On The Moon: It's Been There All Along

Building a lunar base with 3D printing

US, Europe team up for moon fly-by

NASA Rover Confirms First Drilled Mars Rock Sample

India plans mission to Mars in 2013

Rover finds gray rock beneath Red Planet's surface

Supersonic skydiver's records confirmed

Educator Teams Fly On NASA Sofia Airborne Observatory

Kennedy Engineers Designing Plant Habitat For ISS

Welcome Aboard Shenzhou 10

Reshuffle for Tiangong

China to launch 20 spacecrafts in 2013


Molecules Assemble in Water, Hint at Origins of Life
The base pairs that hold together two pieces of RNA, the older cousin of DNA, are some of the most important molecular interactions in living cells. Many scientists believe that these base pairs wer ... more

Stanford scientists explore new technologies that remove atmospheric CO2
In his Feb. 12 State of the Union address, President Obama singled out climate change as a top priority for his second administration. "We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most s ... more

Previewing the next steps on the path to a magnetic fusion power plant
Scientists around the world have crossed a threshold into a promising and challenging new era in the quest for fusion energy. So says physicist George "Hutch" Neilson, director of advanced projects ... more

ISS plays host to innovative infectious disease research
Performing sensitive biological experiments is always a delicate affair. Few researchers, however, contend with the challenges faced by Cheryl Nickerson, whose working laboratory aboard the Internat ... more
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Webb Telescope to Have a Texas-Sized Presence at Festival


Kepler helps astronomers find tiny exo planet


Water On The Moon: It's Been There All Along


3-D Observations Of The Outflow From An Active Galactic Nucleus


X-ray imaging on the attosecond timescale


NASA Seeks Big Ideas for Small In-Space Propulsion Systems


Kennedy Engineers Designing Plant Habitat For ISS


DARPA Seeks to Defuse the Threat of Ionizing Radiation


NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers Tiny Planet System


Flow of research on ice sheets helps answer climate questions

Tiny CREPT Instrument to Study the Radiation Belts

The quest for a better bionic hand

Brain prostheses create a sense of touch

Engineers show feasibility of superfast materials

Lessons from nature could lead to the creation of new materials

The quantum coin toss

NASA Rover Confirms First Drilled Mars Rock Sample

A Simple View Of Gravity Does Not Fully Explain The Distribution Of Stars In Crowded Clusters

A cool discovery about the Sun's next-door twin

Comet Pan-Starrs Will Be Visible In Northern Hemisphere In March

Space likely for rare earths search, scientists say

Searching for the Solar System's Chemical Recipe

Searching for a Pale Blue SPHERE in the Universe

NASA's SDO Shows A Little Rain On the Sun

Understanding the Magnetosphere Better Than Ever

NASA Seeks University Participants for Summer Rocket Workshop

Cassini Sheds Light On Cosmic Particle Accelerators

US radar to boost missile defence in Japan

Commentary: Geopolitical conundrum

China slams Japan's Abe over interview comments

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