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February 20, 2013
Radar Movie of Asteroid 2012 DA14
Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 20, 2013
An initial sequence of radar images of asteroid 2012 DA14 was obtained on the night of Feb. 15/16, 2013, by NASA scientists using the 230-foot (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, Calif. Each of the 72 frames required 320 seconds of data collection by the Goldstone radar. The observations were made as the asteroid was moving away from Earth. The asteroid's distance from the radar dish increased from 74,000 miles (120,000 kilometers) to 195,000 miles (314,000 kilometers). The r ... read more
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Asteroid Steins' hidden gems
ESA's Rosetta spacecraft snapped images of asteroid Steins as it flew by the diamond-shaped asteroid on 5 September 2008 revealing a tiny world with a big history of collisions. The images wer ... more

Scientists Want To Vaporize Asteroids That Threaten Earth
As an asteroid roughly half as large as a football field - and with energy equal to a large hydrogen bomb - readies for a fly-by of Earth on Friday, two California scientists are unveiling their p ... more

Atlas: The Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System
In the realm of potential planetary disasters, asteroids are among the ones to fear - like the meteorite that hit Russia last week, they can inflict serious damage on Earth. With the aid of a ... more
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Russian Fireball Largest Ever Detected by CTBTO's Infrasound Sensors
Infrasonic waves from the meteor that broke up over Russia's Ural mountains last week were the largest ever recorded by the CTBTO's International Monitoring System. Infrasound is low frequency sound ... more


Deputy Prime Minister Backs New Space Defense System
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Saturday backed calls to establish a new system to identify and neutralize threats in space. "Humankind must create a system to identify and neutralize ... more
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The Russian Meteorite
New information provided by a worldwide network of sensors has allowed scientists to refine their estimates for the size of the object that entered the atmosphere and disintegrated in the skies over ... more

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Speeds Away From Earth
On February 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 passed extraordinarily close to the Earth. Unlike the unexpected asteroid collision over Russia that day, this encounter never presented any danger, but astronomer ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
U.S. Air Force defers 45 F-35s from budget plan

Worldwide F-35 fleet exceeds 50,000 flight hours

SpaceX to carry military payloads as US phases out Russian rocket engines

AMEC receives contract to support Aegis Ashore in Poland

US, allies target N. Korea finances after rocket test

S. Korean firms begin pull-out from industrial park in North

Russia, Belarus agree on sale of Sukhoi Su-30SM fighters


How Do We Know the Russian Meteor and 2012 DA14 Aren't Related?
So how can we tell that the Russian meteor isn't related to asteroid 2012 DA14? One way is to look at meteor showers - the Orionids all have similar orbits to their parent comet, Halley. Simi ... more

Temporary Comm Loss Interrupts Crew's Day
The Expedition 34 crew completed a bevy of science and maintenance tasks Tuesday despite a temporary loss of communications between the International Space Station and the ground. Communicatio ... more

Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid Flyby
New information provided by a worldwide network of sensors has allowed scientists to refine their estimates for the size of the object that entered that atmosphere and disintegrated in the skies ove ... more
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The Asteroids are Coming
Last Friday, February 15, 2013, a 150-foot asteroid safely passed Earth. This was the closest known flyby for a celestial body of its size, missing Earth by only 17,000 miles. To put a scale o ... more

NASA briefly loses contact with space station
The International Space Station briefly lost contact with ground controllers on Tuesday because of a computer problem, but its commander said the crew was fine, NASA said. ... more
24/7 News Coverage
Radical CO2 removal projects could be a risky business

Plankton carries carbon to safe resting spot

Drones learn to search forest trails for lost people

Moscow gets rid off aerosols

Fossil discovery: Extraordinary 'big-mouthed' fish from Cretaceous Period

Fish fins can sense touch

Long-term picture offers little solace on climate change


NASA scrambles for better asteroid detection
NASA, universities and private groups in the US are working on asteroid warning systems that can detect objects from space like the one that struck Russia last week with a blinding flash and mighty boom. ... more

Earth in the bullseye?
Asteroids and meteors have been much in the news recently, with an exploding meteor injuring hundreds in Russia and an asteroid making a close fly-by of the Earth, both on Friday. ... more

Russia halts search for meteorite in stricken region
Russian authorities halted their search Sunday for the meteorite that spectacularly struck the Urals last week, leaving about 1,200 people injured and damaging several thousand buildings. ... more
Building a lunar base with 3D printing

US, Europe team up for moon fly-by

Russia to Launch Lunar Mission in 2015

NASA's MAVEN Mission Completes Assembly

Bleach could hamper Mars life search

At the mouth of the red valley

NASA Spinoff 2012 Features New Space Tech Bettering Your Life Today

Orion Lands Safely on Two of Three Parachutes in Test

Supersonic skydiver even faster than thought

Welcome Aboard Shenzhou 10

Reshuffle for Tiangong

China to launch 20 spacecrafts in 2013


Scientists claim discovery of Russian meteorites
Scientists announced the discovery Monday of dozens of tiny fragments of a massive meteor whose ground-shaking shockwave hurt 1,200 people and damaged buildings across five regions of Russia. ... more

Russia to launch bioscience satellite
A Russian satellite that will conduct biological experiments in space and its launch rocket have been delivered to the Baikonur space center, officials said. ... more

Bleach could hamper Mars life search
A martian meteorite frozen in antarctic ice suggests we may need to dig deeper into Mars to search for traces of past life, U.S. researchers say. ... more

NASA Designs New Space Telescope Optics to Find a New Earth
Although hundreds of planets orbiting other stars have been discovered in the past 15 years, we cannot yet answer the age-old question of whether any of these planets are capable of sustaining life. ... more
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    Asteroid impact site found in Australia


    Rare Explosion May Have Created Our Galaxy's Youngest Black Hole


    NASA Seeks It All: High Lift, Low Drag


    At the mouth of the red valley


    Antares Engine Test Aborted; New Date TBD


    Gaia Will Reveal Secrets of Ultra-Cool Dwarfs


    Scientists sense breakthroughs in dark-matter mystery


    NASA Spinoff 2012 Features New Space Tech Bettering Your Life Today


    A drop of ink on the luminous sky


    Scientists turn eyes toward Europa in search for life

    Astrium tapped for communications network

    Space-Based Sensors A Ballistic Missile's Worst Nightmare

    Aegis Intercepts Target Using Satellite Assist

    First Three-Year LHC Running Period Reaches A Conclusion

    Japan readies space telescope to study atmosphere

    N.Korea makes progress at rocket site: images

    European sat data confirms UW numbers that Arctic is on thin ice

    Sunlight stimulates release of carbon dioxide from permafrost

    Antarctic subglacial lake may soon reveal its secrets

    South Korea flexes missile power after North test

    Extracting Relevance from Mountains of Data

    Bern Simulation Helps Understand Origin Of Solar System

    NASA's MAVEN Mission Completes Assembly

    Accelerated protons confirm origin of cosmic rays

    Asteroid whizzes safely past Earth

    Kazakhstan, Russia Compromise on New Space Port

    Welcome Aboard Shenzhou 10

    Telescopes Could Detect ET Life Signs Within 25 Years

    Magnetic shielding of ion beam thruster walls

    Orion Lands Safely on Two of Three Parachutes in Test

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