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. Sony Introduces the Industry's First 1-Chip CMOS GPS LSI

all this power in a single chip
San Diego - Dec 17, 2003
Sony Electronics announced Monday the industry's first single-chip CMOS Global Positioning System (GPS) LSI that incorporates a built-in RF circuit in an ultra-miniature design. Designed independently by Sony, the CXD2951 incorporates Sony's advanced RFCMOS block signal processing architecture to enable high sensitivity, minimal power consumption and high-performance.

The new LSI configuration is ideal for a wide range of location-based applications such as automotive, cellular handsets, handheld navigation, fleet management and mobile computing devices.

"We are very excited to bring a technology that was once mainly used in car navigation systems to a variety of portable electronics devices that we use in our daily lives," said Aki Hasegawa, president of Sony Electronics' Component Solutions Business Division. "The new Sony GPS LSI achieves improved sensitivity and faster processing while consuming less power, making it ideal for mobile computing products."

Capable of stand-alone and network assisted signal detection of up to -150 dBm, the new LSI achieves high sensitivity that enables even indoor reception of GPS satellite signals. Combining hot start positioning time of two to six seconds and power as low as 50 mW during tracking, the device achieves optimal power management and high performance.

In addition, the new GPS LSI incorporates an external bus, GPIO, UART, and built-in RTC circuits, thus integrating all necessary GPS functions in a single CMOS chip for easy and cost-effective implementation into a GPS receiver.

The CXD2951 features a simple serial interface connection and supports a wide range of TCXO frequencies, including those used in GSM, W-CDMA and AMPS cellular applications. The LSI comes in three different packages, GA, GL and GH to meet customers' size and mounting requirements.

Using the CXD2951, Sony has developed a miniature GPS module with a footprint of 14 x 23 x1.8 mm, passive-antenna integrated GPS module, as well as an automotive-grade module conforming to QS9000/TS16949. All are designed to meet a wide range of applications and user requirements. With this advanced module technology, Sony continues to strive for significant cost savings, size reduction, and higher performance.

Availability: The first mass production shipments of the CXD2951 chips will start this month. Samples are available upon request by contacting Sony at gps(at)am.sony.com

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